Chihayafuru 2 – 16

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Last week, I described Chihayafuru as “exquisite torture”.  If I were to say that again today, I’d be half right.

I’d almost allowed myself to believe that this day wouldn’t come for S2, but sadly we have a recap episode.  As brutal as this season has been to follow with the glacial pacing, this is just salt in the wound.  With so much ground to cover and so little time, this really hurts.

Even worse, this recap was nowhere near as good as the first Chihayafuru recap episode – which happens to be probably the best of that ugly breed that I’ve seen.  There was very little new footage (taken from the manga omakes) this time, and nothing that cast any light on the character dynamics like the shiptease and “Jack of all trades, master of none” moments from the first season’s recap.  But we did at least learn Kana-chan has only three eyelashes – now just try not thinking about it every time you see her.

That’s enough effort for a recap ep – I’ll see you all in this space next week, with what given the current pacing is likely to be the first four cards of the final match in the team tournament.

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  1. K

    I am starting to get worried they won't even get to the individual tournaments.

  2. i

    Funny Madhouse, haha really funny aren't ya.

    Wasn't last seasons pointless recap also ep 16?

    Thank god for Taichi and Arata that Harada sensei isn't like a sleazy old man who targets highschool girls because in Chihaya he'd have the jackpot: beautiful, trusting and wouldn't get what happened.

    Also I found out where Shinobu usually lives and studies: the academic city. That one was just jokes.

  3. r

    I'm kinda disappointed with the recap, they should have added more omakes to make it a lil' bit interesting like the last season's recap.
    Ugh! Hopefully this season will not end with just the team finale… I was so hoping for the individual matches to be animated! >:/

  4. e

    Kana's eyelashes way is the vintage cartoon way. Go Kanade! :,*

  5. T

    Yu Darvish getting some love at the very end. Almost made this episode worthwhile.

  6. h

    On the bright side, glacial pacing despite mountains of content seems a "probabilistic guarantee" (given a random shuffle) that the studio has more in store. Nevertheless, I hope they quick sort out the pacing issues before the arrival of the series' ever-more-likely, um, third partition.

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