Tokyo Diaries – Sakura Already?

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Global warming skeptics might want to skip this one.

We’re still well into March, but not only have the Sakura started to bud, they’re expected to reach full peak in the Tokyo area this weekend – full two weeks earlier than average and the earliest on record.  A string warm days (well over 70 degrees Fahrenheit) has set the stage for a travel agents’ nightmare, but while I was rather hoping this event would fall in April, at least it comes on a semester break from school.

The pics with this post (there will be many more) are mostly from the area between Iidabashi and Ichigaya stations, along the old outer moat of Edo Castle – though there are several from Shibuya in there as well.  The paths along the moat are always a pleasant place to walk, watching the Chuo Line roll along beside the water, but for these few days a year they become something quite special.

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  1. e

    I see pink clouds. Pink petal clouds.
    Uwah *tears*.

  2. i


    But what the fcuk? We're getting a snowstorm and there's already Sakura in Japan. Life's unfair.

  3. K

    Have you gone to Ueno Park? I was there at the tail end of the Sakura in 2007 and it's a really great viewing spot.

    But I am jealous I wish I could be there, the pictures are beautiful.

  4. I have been to Ueno Park for Sakura season before, though not yet this year. It's great but unbelievably crowded with hanami partiers. My favorite spot in Tokyo proper is Inokashira Park in Kichijoji.

  5. l

    Aaah … nice to see non-shinkai-oversaturated Sakura petals on this blog for once.

  6. B

    Early sakura blooming? Whatever you do, don't make any wishes to the trees, I have it on good authority that it doesn't generally end well for the wisher.

  7. G

    Oh my goodness, these are beautiful! It's too cold in Toronto right now for Sakura to bloom, we are still getting negative 10 Celsius, minus windchill. I hope I can see them soon in High Park, but I'm so envious of you! lol

  8. R

    Wow…it's so beautiful. I would be in awe if I were there. Lucky you to have warmer weather. We had a serious snow storm last week still dumping over 30cm of snow — I wish that we could ship the snow stacked in our front yard to places that need clean water…

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