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    This is not the first time that I listened to your podcast, and I have always had this thought but have been too shy to say… Enzo, you can be a really good speaker — you have the voice and wisdom that can so totally take the stage and speak confidently and knowledgeably while keeping the audience engaged. Your ideas are very well constructed and articulated, and you speak convincingly…

    I very much agreed with your points on Hunter x Hunter and, especially, Shinsekai Yori. I love SSY a lot. It's a very well done and solid show…great in both its plots and characters. I also love its visuals and BGM…in my personal and humble opinion, I would even rank SSY's BGM higher than ZnT's. SSY is getting very close to Chihayafuru on my list of favourable shows. It's a bit sad that it's not doing well commercially — despite how beautifully written and directed the show is — but kudos to A-1 who has the financials to back it up and gives freedom to the creators to continue their path.

    Well, look forwarding to your next podcast.

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    Since Ronbb already lavished praises on you, I think it would be redundant to repeat his excellent points. Enzo's intellect is well reflected in the way he writes and speaks, I think we can all agree on that. I've said this before, but he's the one of the few anime bloggers that can move me with his words. A charismatic speaker/writer is hard to come by and I believe the ability to truly connect with the audience is innate on some level and can't be perfected through practice. I picked up Moribito because he recommended it, which by the way is like one of the most beautiful show ever, and Enzo I thank you for that.

  3. You guys need to stop this or I might start to believe you and then we'll all be in trouble…

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    Well that'll make up for having missed you on ntv!

    I skipped through the SSY part because I'm a bit behind and scared of spoilers,is it safe to listen to?

    Good job on selling HxH as well as dropping a Zetsuen no Tempest mention!

    Polar Bear Cafe belongs in my "I really really wished I like this" list, because it's nice seeing something different and I hope whatever takes its timeslot this spring is an anime with the same spirit but its comedy never got to me.

    Others have already covered how great you sound so I won't say too much,just that the praise you get is well deserved and that you really are the HanaKana of anime podcasting! *runs away,hides and takes cover*

  5. Well, I have been told that I have a "radio voice" so perhaps that's somehow coming across, I don't know. It's too bad I can't find a way to spin it into something financially lucrative. I gor filmed yet again for TV today, believe it or not – this time watching a Japanese comedian who supposedly is the "world's fastest stripper" and offering my reaction. It's supposed to air on NTV on the 16th, I think – we'll see if this one survives the editing room.

    I think you'd be OK listening to the SSY bit – Zephyr hadn't seen episode 21 yet so we avoided anything too specific.

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    So, on that note… I'm like 5 eps behind on SSY (Ni No Kuni ruined my schedule and now I have a massive backlog, and since I get the show from UTW, it's near the bottom of the list)… is it safe for me to listen to it as well or should I just avoid this for now?

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    Good luck with the NTV on the 16th…!!!

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    a Japanese comedian who supposedly is the "world's fastest stripper" ……Oh wow…now I'm curious about your reaction…o___O Was the experience fun at least? lol

  9. Yes, it was fun.

    Beckett, I think you can listen. Our discussion of SSY (only Zephy and I have seen it) is pretty general and focused on things like tone and art style.

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    On top of all the praise my fellow LiA minions have already lavished you with: two shoutouts to Moribito, one for Shirokuma Café, neko-love, naughty underwear pun and mention of preying on equines' virtue! That's why you're my Beloved blogger ;p.

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