Status Updates – Amnesia, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Tamako Market

[HorribleSubs]_Amnesia_-_04_[720p].mkv_snapshot_18.50_[2013.01.31_10.22.39] [Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_04_[148BE582].mkv_snapshot_00.25_[2013.02.02_16.41.35] MMY4

The short version: all of them are out.

I’m putting all three of these series on blogging hold, though I’ll be keeping an eye on them at least for a while.  Amnesia is just a little too slow, a little too ensnared in the VN format and a little too preposterous for me.  Tamako Market, as much as I gave it a chance to prove otherwise, is pretty much a Cute Girls Being Cute show with no desire to be anything more.  Not an especially egregious version of one, but one nonetheless.  And MMY can’t seem to decide whether it wants to be taken seriously as a commentary on social development or just be a silly fanservice series, and can’t quite pull off either.

It sucks not to be able to blog shows that have obvious broad appeal to the readership – two of them, anyway – but unless something changes quite significantly with any of these series I’d be faking it if I kept covering them.  All these being equal I’d pick a show that most of the blog’s followers are watching over one they’re not, but this is not one of those equal cases.  I’m disappointed because each of these series has elements that I like, and a résumé that makes me want to be a fan – KyoAni shows are always rife with possibility, Brains Base is my favorite studio at the moment and I had especially high hopes for Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.  As the sign says, “It is what it is”…




  1. s

    Amen, Enzo. Drop 'em! More time for other more worthy shows. yay.

  2. R

    So the only new series left is Kotoura-san.
    This has certainly been a weak season.

  3. R

    With so many series put on hold to you think you might find the time to restart blogging Kingdom Enzo?
    It's become a highly enjoyable series.

  4. I might indeed – at least, I'll do a wrap-up post when the season (it's been renewed) finishes.

  5. S

    Oh, I'm surprised you dropped Maoyuu from your blogging schedule, considering the latest episode.

    I was extremely pleased that they finally let go of their insecurities and just went without the usual fanservice and mindless jokes all over the place. There is still a small amount, to balance the pacing and mood, but I felt that the latest episode encapsulated what the series wanted to be: a show about macro-economics and world-building while still having some manner of emotional and romantic development between the characters.

    I feel that the series has finally found its place because of the lack of reliance of tropes and trope subversion as seen in the past episodes, as well as the movement away from using fanservice and gags to carry the show. Its like watching a teenage suddenly evolve into a young adult, leaving his awkwardness, goofiness and acne behind, and trudging on towards a goal instead of dicking around all day. (This metaphor is starting to break down)

    I feel that if this manner of plot progression and storytelling continues, this would be a solid anime for this season to hold on to. Considering the narrative move towards presenting the realities of war, economics and politics, as well as the exploration of the world, lore and inter-character relationships, I would thought that you would have enjoyed it as much as I did.

    I'm curious, what issues did you have with the current episode of Maoyuu? (past episodes not withstanding)

  6. m

    I'm still watching all those three series, but I understand why you dropped them especially Maoyuu, it isn't going the way I want it to be..

  7. v

    From a first glance, MMY wants badly to be the next Spice & Wolf. Maybe they should just focus on the business and just be intellectually engaging than pulling another forced romance. I would've watched it even if I don't really have much interest in this adaptation. This is a problem with all these anime. The writers always try to tack the romance too early without any hint of nuance and subtlety.

  8. K

    Amnesia I never was interested in from the beginning.

    MMY was the new series I most anticipated before the season but while I am still watching it's definitely not living up to my expectations (well except for Kamiyan as the merchant).

    Tamako Market I am enjoying more than I thought I would. I am not usually into these type of series but every episode I think I enjoy it more and more. I think its the sense of community I feel in the series. I do hope it won't just be episodes focused on the 4 girls and the sister but we will see.

    But hey you blog too much as it is so I understand why you are dropping series that are not working for you.

  9. G

    Amnesia is a terrible show. It seems like there is more focus on style then substance in Amnesia. The characters look pretty and wear nice clothes and even have pretty stylish irises but the substance (plot and character interaction) seems stiff, wooden and the plot is so slow moving (not to mention the main character miaswell be a plastic store manequin that came to life). I'm about to drop the series if it does not start picking up.

    I really like MMY. I'm enjoying the premise, characters and series as a whole. The interaction between the Hero and Demon King could be better (romance wise) but overall the series is a fun show.

    Tamako Market is ok. I like many of the characters and the series itself. I just hate the stupid talking bird. If there was one for you to reconsider dropping it would be MMY.

  10. Z

    They should ditch the romance in MMY altogether. It would be nice for two leads to have a normal working relationship for once.

  11. G

    When you see a bunch of bishies sporting colourful hair, you know it's bad news. It is a pretty weak season indeed…..But no matter, I have plenty of series from the Fall lineup to keep me entertained.

  12. Indeed, with carry-overs and sequels it's a full schedule – but only one new series making the cut marks this as a pretty weak season indeed.

  13. E

    I dropped Amnesia at 1st episode.
    My watching of Tamako Market has stalled at 2nd episode.
    I slept through the 4th and 5th of MMY.
    They are just so damn boring.
    Oh noes, I got useless flesh on my chest.

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