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    One word comment: EPIC!

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    He makes that series IMHO. I love Kingdom but wish they would spend a little less time talking about aura's of leaders and a little less strategy and move the story along. Very little seems to be happening each episode.

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    Haha…I have more than one word to say…and hope this is okay…

    I love this last arc on Wang-qi — he is my favourite character — and my heart kept pumping fast wishing Wang-qi would stay alive despite all the build-up directed to his fall.

    This is a nice penultimate, and I so look forward to the finale of the series tomorrow. I guess we won't see Xin becoming a general, but I have enjoyed Kingdom a lot, especially its story and characters — I hope that more people can see the gem of this series like some of us do.

  4. Season 2 coming in a couple of months…

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    Thanks Enzo…now I remember that you mentioned it before.

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    Its unfortunate that this series had to dabble in that weird CGI in the start, because the story is just… Wow. I have never seen an anime series about war that is so darn good.

    I wish they'd continue on with this story, but unfortunately It just wasn't popular enough. With the potential end of Wang Qi comes the end of the series too eh?

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    Hold that thought. A second season is coming! Call me super darn happy!


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    That's right…now I remember reading about it on this blog… If there's a second season, I hope that Wang Qi would survive the battle — I love this character, and he will be a very good mentor to Xin.

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    I just finished watching episode 38…not sure if Enzo will do a wrap-up of Kingdom's season 1 (very much hope so), so I am just going to leave a few words here without spoiling.

    Despite the animation, I very much enjoyed season 1 of Kingdom and will sure look forward to season 2 to come (really love stories based on history and wish that we could have more out there…). Wang Qi is still my favourite character (can't say enough how much I love Riki-chan's performance), but I am starting to get interested in Li Mu.

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    I just finished 38 as well and loved this 1st season. Would be nice if they time warp a few years so Xin and the others will be more mature and developed body wise (Xin kinda small and very young for such a fearsome warrior in the making). Can't wait for June. Gonna miss this bright spot on a slow dubbed anime tuesday (Rock Lee is unwatchable, and Amnesia is disapointing on many levels)

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    crap I mean't subbed.

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