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You may have noticed a slight change to the comments section.

With apologies to those of you who comment anonymously, I’ve had no choice but to switch to a more conventional registration system.  Why?  Spambots of course – trust me, you’ve seen only the tip of the iceberg with these spam comments.  It’s become a flood, intolerable, and as my only other option was to use word verification – and I despise word verification – this was the only alternative.

I simply don’t have the time or patience to deal with the triple-digit spam comments I’m getting every day now, many of which slip through Blogger’s spam filter and end up on the site, forcing me to delete them manually.  I may try opening it up again experimentally in a few weeks, to see if perhaps the change has fooled the spammers into spamming elsewhere, but I doubt that would work for long.  As the sign on my office back in the States said, “It is what it is”.  Thanks for understanding.



  1. C

    Spambots really are the worst, huh?

  2. The internet is cursed with these fuckers in every corner.

  3. C

    Yeah, I'm a moderator in a forum and they've been driving me crazy for months now. Up until I saw loads of them in the Kotoura-san post, I thought blogs were immune to them. Well, that was a wake up call..

  4. t

    Looks like my google account works for me so won't be much of a change.

  5. a

    A bit annoying that I cannot use my WordPress name (only the page), but oh well.

    The spam filter really is that bad on Blogger, huh? Well, truth is I've had some spam comments slip by lately on WordPress too for some reason (never happened before), but since I need to accept "first time commentators" it's not too bad. No such option on Blogger?

  6. Nope, no such option. I really need to migrate the site when time permits, but that's not going to be anytime soon I'm afraid.

  7. b

    That's quite a hassle. I don't have any accounts on any of the sites so I had
    to sign up to Google. I was planning to in the future so I guess this just pushed it ahead.
    Still, if it means to get rid of those spams then I'm all for it.

    Now to explore the features of my new account…

  8. Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate it.

  9. K

    I honestly think it is better regardless of the spam bots. Anon commenting makes people think they can say anything which might sound nice but people take it too far.

    I've been signing in since the beginning so no difference for me.

  10. B

    I consider this a welcome change regardless of spam. I wish the spam wasn't such a problem for you Enzo but I'm happy that people can't hide behind the title of Anonymous anymore when they have something to say.

  11. H

    Usually something needlessly incendiary and / or insulting.

  12. B

    Well yes, precisely. Unless they're just too lazy to register (and I'm sure there are more than a few in this category, this will hardly affect them since it will just spur them to register) there aren't too many people that hide behind Anonymous when they have something positive and uplifting to say. Granted they can always just make a second account but the extra step will at least give them some time to think about whether they really want to post their vitriol or not. Might dissuade a few.

  13. a

    I guess I have to use my wordpress username whenever I'd come out to comment again. -Dunn

  14. K

    Hello, I read your posts daily and I am actually quite happy that there are no more anonymous comments… it's tough trying follow conversations when anonymous#1 is responding to anonymous#5's post, etc…

  15. H

    I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. And no, nothing stops the spambots, and nothing will until idiots stop clicking on their spam links *forever*.

  16. B

    Even if people don't click the links they'd keep doing it because even if you don't click it, just seeing it builds "brand awareness". The spammers will never stop no matter what.

  17. h

    Instead of just not clicking the links, if the same groups consistently DDoS every link/brand…

    Nah, fighting crime with crime ain't in style.

  18. h

    Interesting. Now I get an icon. The same icon I have everywhere else.

  19. h

    Never mind. The icon hasn't shown up yet. All I see here is still a generic icon, just a different one. Hmmm.

  20. h

    Third time's a charm. If nothing yet, I officially give up. Not that it really matters to have an icon anyway, of course. I've gone without one on this site since the beginning anyway. 🙂

  21. A

    Honestly, I'm glad to see the Anon comments gone. I know a lot of people didn't want it to, but the last few months the spammers had been making comments that kept on royally pissing me off, and recently it has been a daily thing.

    That and I'm glad to at least see names attached to opinions so it doesn't seem like I'm talking in the dark and hoping I'm debating with the actual person I started the debate with (rather than 10 different people).

    That said, not sure I want to give google anymore info on me than what they already have …

  22. H

    It's easy to make a second google account (like this one is).

  23. B

    Doesn't matter, Google already knows everything about you. Don't kid yourself, Google knows EVERYTHING, they are the electric eye in the sky. We're just lucky they seem to be content with running the world in the background instead of taking over overtly ;).

  24. W

    Test Comment GOOO!

    Just a thought, but an advanced spam bot would probably change its commenting options instead of walking away from a target. So we'll see if new Google accounts arise to talk about water damage restoration.

  25. Bite your effing tongue.

    I can say this – RC doesn't suffer from anywhere near this kind of spam bombing. I think the act of registering an account in itself eliminates the vast majority of bots.

  26. A

    About time, Enzo 🙂

    We already have anonymity on the internet. Why cater to those who want a second level of anonymity?

  27. T

    Google Account it is! Thanks for putting up with the spammers for so long, but I agree this is a better solution.

  28. N

    now all that's missing are spoiler tags..

  29. A

    One massive change at a time 🙂

  30. K

    I've never really noticed the spammers, so props to you for actively getting rid of them.

  31. I must say, it was glorious to check the spam folder this morning and see "NO SPAM COMMENTS".

  32. W

    I personally voted for "No more Anon" in the poll ages ago. This is a welcome change for me. It was occasionally frustrating not being able to decipher between various anonymous commenters, and if it will stop the spammers, even better.

  33. W

    I used to be be snipyro, sorry, I must not have used Google accounts properly in the past.

  34. Glad to have you here, by any name!

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