Post Delays: Best-laid Plans…

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After a long, long night, here’s my verdict on food poisoning: I’d give it a pass.  Nowhere near as fun as you think.

The “before/after” sequence above does a pretty good job showing my physical state over the last two days.  After a sleepless night spent repeatedly in prayer to the porcelain idol (pretty sure it was a bad bowl of ramen), I’m a wreck.  I haven’t eaten anything for 24 hours, but on the plus side I seem to be able to keep water down at last.

Needless to say, things are going to be a bit spotty in terms of the schedule here.  I’m a desiccated, dehydrated shell of a man, light-headed and rubber-legged, but I’m going to try and keep down some broth and keep sipping water and Pocari Sweat, and hopefully get through this without breaking the seal on my Japanese health insurance card.  Either way, no promises – but I’m going to try a post or two later and see if I can manage it. The distraction of watching an episode might be good if nothing else.  Please bear with me.



  1. E

    Have a good rest man. Don't rush yourself.

  2. m

    Hang in there and keep yourself hydrated! Thanks for the heads up about what's going on, and I wish you a speedy recovery 🙂

  3. S

    Get yourself some miso soup makings. It tastes good and makes you feel better. When I undercooked some chicken it was the best. It didn't feel filling but helped my stomach relax. I highly recommend it. If you don't know how to make it right now, thats fine. You can buy ready to go packets where you boil the packet and add the miso just before serving.

    Also, good choice on Pocari Sweat.

  4. T

    Stay healthy bro take your time to recover.

  5. Thanks for the good thoughts. I just remembered (duh) that I had a package of Dramamine – I'm not a good flyer so I always keep it handy, but it didn't occur to me to use it here. We'll see if it helps.

    pooks, I can't see myself walking to the 7-11 (5 minutes if I'm healthy) never mind the suupaa (12) in my current state, so I'm just going to have to make due with what's in the house. I did manage to lay in some Pocari Sweat and Sprite this morning, so that will hopefully keep my hydrated. Pocari Sweat is irritating my stomach a bit, but I know the electrolytes are vital.

  6. B

    7-11. Man, even in Japan they're on every corner. Does 7-11 rule the world secretly?

  7. f

    Actually, 7-11 Japan now owns 7-11 USA. Go figure.

  8. J

    Hey, just take your time and get better. You know when it'll be the best time to get back to blogging Enzo!

  9. M

    Ugh. Food poisoning is the worst. Take care of yourself, Enzo. Don't even worry about blogging.

  10. Why just when H x H and SSY were releasing, though? Wednesday would have been more convenient, dammit.

    Not to mention it's finals week coming up.

  11. e

    I want to think your being able to crack jokes in this post as a sign you're recovering, you tough guy you.
    Drink and rest as much as you can.

  12. T

    How do you get food poisoning from ramen? It's just boiled salt water with noodle!! …Unless you're talking about one of those fancy ramen with pork, seafood, eggs and what not. That I can see. Ironic that your first food poisoning in Japan is not due to raw fish on sushi or kobe beef, but ramen.

  13. Ramen in Japan is not that cup ramen – it's a serious dish here. Pork, vegetables, sometimes fish in the broth, bamboo (sorry, Panda-kun) all kinds of stuff. I don't know what it was that got me, but judging by the timing and what it looked like the second time around (there was no nice way to say that) it was almost surely the ramen.

  14. A

    I don't know your symptoms so I can't tell for sure but maybe the egg in Ramen might have done the deed. Eggs give the worst poisoning. Ever.

    Anyway, rest well Enzo. I'm looking forward to read your post on SSY this week.

  15. a

    Finals first, yo. Then back to this when you are able in both body and mind.

  16. S


    Truly you are a boss among man, to be able to post while sick, hope you get well soon.

    Take care, stay hydrated, and I hope you do well for you finals.

    PS: Sage finally released Bakuman 3 episode 9 if you are in need of some entertainment.

  17. B

    How comprehensive is Japanese health insurance? What's the office visit/medical co-pay? If you're feeling that bad, you need to put your masculine pride on the shelf before the Japanese government has to ship your lifeless body back to your family.

  18. S

    Oh man, that sucks… I hope ramen tasted great, make up for some of your troubles at the very least. Get well soon!

  19. A

    ugh, I feel you brother. I had food sickness before, and I understand the feeling like someone squeezed your whole body like a toothpaste tube. Didn't help that it was raining/snowing/freezing/windy here when I got poisoned …

    I'd recommend taking the entire day off from everything, including writing up posts. Yes it sucks, but these episodes wont be running away, and you'll (hopefully) feel better at night (Day? What time is there anyways?)

    Get well soon 🙂

  20. K

    It should be about 2:26 AM in Japan right now, so yeah, better be resting.

  21. N

    Food poisoning is the worst…Feel better Enzo! Hopefully, it will not last too long.

  22. L

    Oh crap. Sorry to hear that, Enzo. Hope you feel better by the time you read this. Consume as much water as you can, even a few days after you've recovered.

  23. A

    I had food poisoning before and it's definitely not on a to do list. It took me about two – three days to feel "normal" again :/ But I slept a lot…

  24. A

    Wishing you a speedy recovery…and don't worry about blogging. Good luck on your finals. Remember to drink lots of fluid…warm is better than cold. Feel better soon.


  25. A

    I get food poisoning every once in a while (and from food that gives no one else problems — stomach y u so weak??) and it's hell… Please take your time and rest, and take enough Pedialyte.

  26. G

    I don't think I've ever had food poisoning before, but it sure sounds disastrous. Get lots of rest and I hope you get better soon! Don't worry about blogging for the time being.

  27. I

    Food Poisoning sucks, although the light burns from experiments (work related, I'm not an idiot to do that as a hobby) on lithium ion batteries does sting and make your hand fingers swell a bit.

    Let's both survive dying as young men Enzo. I haven't even seen the next season of Chihayafuru and I refused to die before the manga ends.

  28. I don't know whether to be touched or unsettled, but thanks for the thought! Let's look forward to Friendzone Fridays.

  29. K

    I hope you're feeling better soon – I've had a weak stomach my entire life pretty much, so I know exactly how you feel. Rest up and watch some of your favorite "chicken soup" anime that you love most (mine's Azumanga Daioh, personally).

    I think Campbell's is putting out cup-ramen style chicken soup these days, now that I mention it. Might be worth looking into if you get a cold later on in the season and are still determined to not wind up in a doctor's office.

    Pocari Sweat is a very good idea, considering what I've seen in promotional material for it. Any thoughts on how it is working for you versus the typical American Gatorade/Powerade when sick? I normally can't stand the stuff, but if it'll help with my weak stomach from time to time I may have to order some and keep it on hand just in case.

  30. I like Pocari normally, and I think it worked well for the dehydration, but it was a little rough on my stomach the first day I could hold down liquids. Sprite seemed the best.

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