Tokyo Diary 10/23/12 – Meiji Shrine/Yoyogi Park

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Just a few images from an outing to Yoyogi Koen with friends on Sunday.

Meiji Shrine is a special place to the Japanese, but it also has a personal connection for me.  On my first trip to Japan it was the place I visited on my last day here.  It was raining, my feet were killing me, and I knew I was headed home in a few hours.  It was a depressing afternoon, and I wanted to revisit the place under different circumstances.  It was sunny, I was in no hurry and there was no return ticket burning a hole in my pocket.

Here’s a video of a bunch of Japanese guys who were having a throwdown with another group of Japanese guys (and a girl) with rockabilly dance moves.  Very strange indeed – I love this country.

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  1. K

    Meiji Shrine was one of my favorite places in Tokyo (along with Ueno Park). I am the opposite of you it was where I went on my first day so I guess it was memorable for that reason. But I also like that it really feels like you are outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. It's very relaxing and serene.

    I am glad you got to go back. 🙂

  2. e

    We can feel the love. To the point that beginning paragraph is a bit of a downer, it feels really like you left one piece of your heart behind.
    I'm glad for you, you managed to go back :).
    The place itself looks wonderful and serene.
    The dancers. Those moves! *envy*. Are you the one we can hear going 'woohooo' in the video? XD

  3. A

    Thanks for the video…I can't help laughing out loud and re-watching again and again. BTW, it's the first time the word "friends" came up in your post…it warms my heart a bit to know that you are circled with friends. Not that you don't have any, but knowing that there are when you are in another country makes me feel good. I also love the photos…making me feel like I were there.


  4. t

    It's a special place for me too. When I lived in Tokyo we used to visit the park a lot (we lived in Shibuya after all).

    The shrine is really peaceful no matter how many people are there.

    I also used to love all the bands gathering to practice in the park on a Sunday – definitely worth seeing!

  5. l

    There's lots to see in Tokyo. All you need to do is wander off from the main roads. For example, I stumbled upon the Taiso-ji in Shinjuku and found this Jizo Bosatsu statue which was erected in 1712. This is the 3rd out of 6 statues of Jizo Bosatsu in Edo that were commissioned in 1706 (for more info).

    Belated found this area walking guide the day after.

  6. Thank you – that map is a gold mine. I love Kagurazaka – I'm desperately trying to find an apartment there.

  7. l

    Good luck in finding an apartment that is affordable to rent there. I think it would be easier and more within your budget if you look at the surrounding areas. What are you looking for? A 1K apartment/mansion?

  8. Kagurazaka is loaded with 1Ks in the 65-70K range – just walk thru and look at the agency listings. The issue is all the key money, guarantor fees, agency fees, etc. It's a real racket.

  9. l

    Skip the racket. There are agencies that cater to foreigners. Selection is not as extensive but no key money and no guarantor fees. Deposit and agency fees only. Higher monthly rates of 80–90k though.

  10. Suggestions for a specific agent? I think I've browsed all of them and can't find anything I like.

  11. l

    Try Tokyo Apartment Inc.

    Or an agent for UR (Urban Renewal) units like Japan Housing Co, Ltd.

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