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    I actually was one of the people who voted that you blog more shows and keep your blog post short. I really enjoy reading your digests of shows, particularly for shows I don't even watch. And your digests even encouraged me to watch Kimi to Boku and Tamayura from your slice of life digest days.

    But eh, I'm fine with either or, since it seems that you're blogging Tonari.

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    I prefer the text to the screenshots, since if I'm reading the post, it usually means I've just watched the episode, and I don't need to be reminded too much.

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    I concur with the screen shot thing. If it takes too much time, don't worry about them.

    It amazes me how you can blog so tremendously at such a regular pace, so keep up the great job and enjoy yourself in Tokyo.

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    I voted for fewer screenshot and longer post on fewer series (although you can do fine in short-review format as well). All those screenshots are too time consuming and pic-intensive blogs can be found elsewhere already.
    We're here for your specific brand of brain juice anyway, that's your distinctive and strongest point. The more juice the better. Plus the occasional kittens pics :p.

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    I concur, prefer more insights and less screenshots… heck if your review indicates that I would enjoy the show, I'll just go ahead and watch it, ya'know?

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    If you don't mind my asking, how much of your time is taken with screenshots. I know in my blogging, taking screenshots of an episode takes about 15 minutes, but then I rename all the shots, then putting them into the post seems to take a bit of time too. I assume that since you mentioned it, you feel like it's a significant amount of your time, but I wonder how much time you would save, since you'd likely still take enough screenshots to fill in the insets you use (I can definitely see the linking taking a bunch of time).

    You certainly know your workflow better than we do, so I think the key thing is really "What do you feel comfortable doing, and how much time do you want to spend on it." The poll's not bad for a starting point, but ultimately it's going to be what you think gets your point across, says what you want to say, in a format that's acceptable to you. 🙂

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    One possibility that I don't know if anyone brought up would be to go for a semi-episodic blogging format with some shows. If you're on the fence or ambivalent with something or other, you could check in every three episodes or so and say what you think of what it's been doing lately.

    But I'd say the most important thing overall is that whatever you do ends up fitting the most with whatever makes you like blogging anime, and if that means fewer series, or shorter posts, or fewer images, or whatever—it's fairly obvious, I suppose, but just don't cut off whichever finger happens to be your favorite just because we prefer a different one. You're good enough regardless that the rest of us can just deal with it.

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    Hmm, Enzo, have you finalized what you are going to blog? I think we can be more constructive if we knew the number of shows you are blogging..lol. Anyways, I'm actually one of the people who voted for shorter posts, but full list of series. Though again, it depends on what this "full" list consists of.

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    Wait, I want to clarify, I meant the number of shows you want to blog regardless of our opinion. Just tell us your mental list and we'll go from there I guess?

  10. Screenshots is time consuming, no doubt. I couldn't put an exact number but it's easily 15-20 minutes an average considering the formatting and hyperlinks.

    Kenosha, that's possible, I've briefly considered it.

    Glass – I plan to do my normal check-in post in 10 days or so. As of now, the locks are SSY, Jormungand, Bakuman, Tonari, R;N, LB and the carryovers. On the table are Sukitte, P-P, Magi, Chuubibyou, ZnT, Btooom, Sakurasou, JoJo, K, Kamisama, Ixion and maybe even Code Breaker if I really like the 2nd up.

  11. H

    For me, that 15 minutes is a lot less than the time I spend writing the post (I can't seem to write a post in less than an hour, and have taken up to 4 hours with distractions, of course, if I like a show, I can't seem to write less than 1000 words, either). So for me it would be less of a saving, where just writing less, and being stricter about not writing up more stuff would be better. But I definitely get the impression you write faster than I do, so saving that 20 minutes could be a large percentage.

  12. Heh, I'd love to take more time, but… 4 hours is way longer than I usually go, if I'm not interrupted.

  13. G

    Woah, you really meant it when you said "full list". That's a lot of things on your plate. Yeah, you probably won't have time to cram all that in. Let us know your final choices. ^^ My vote right now definitely goes to Btooom!, Psycho Pass and ZnT.

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    I suggest daily or almost daily digests just blogging all the shows you feel like talking about. As few (none if needed) screencaps should be used and may be just a couple of paragraphs per episode. The shows you really want to dedicate an article to could have their own upload. That way I think everyone would be happy.

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    Go with what you like best. Drop the remainder. Your posts are quite great when you're enthusiastic about a series. It's through your reviews that I found Madoka, Steins;Gate, all somehow meandering out from something you once wrote about Kamisama Dolls. Admittedly before 2011, I never really followed an anime season as my viewing was very scattershot. Really, any detailed review is greatly appreciated. That's probably not said enough.

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