1. B

    *nods nods*

    Only real surprise here is that the incredibly annoying Chisato managed to take second somehow. I would have though Mifuyu would have fared better, she'd be my third choice after Satsuki and Hazuki.

  2. A

    Poor girls … losing to Mr. Yaoi Stick

  3. L

    I normally don't watch shows like this, but was stuck in a hotel room after a job for much of last night. Decided to give this a go since Enzo seems to like it. Ended up downloading 8 episodes in LQ format (Nexus 7 has limited storage, and watching standard def on a 7" screen isn't so bad), and marathoned em in one sitting. Wouldn't call it my type of show, but considering the utterly dull situation I was in, it proved moderately entertaining.

    I'm bad with names, so I didn't vote. For me, the teacher wins easily. The childhood friend was annoying, the teacher's sister seemed the "typical" choice for anime like this, so ending with her would've been typical otaku pandering from my point of view, and she's not all that interesting in my opinion. There's one more girl who joins the protagonist on morning walks to school, and she's my second choice, though I don't really know much about her. The gay dude is kinda funny, but he's basically LBGT comic relief material. The twins are unfunny comic relief material, which is worse, and I still have no clue what the cat-ear girl's purpose in the show is.

    So yeah, it's the teacher for me by miles. She seems to compliment the protag rather well, for the most part. Too bad it'll never happen.

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