1. H

    Are you taking a cue from Psycho-Pass now and telling people to wait a week to reveal a hint and instructions to wait another week?

  2. Heh, you got the joke anyway (if not the hint)… As for the rest, you'll just have to wait and see.

  3. H

    After spending a month+some seeing that message every Thursday it was hard not to notice the similarities in the phrasing. ^^;

  4. x


    * Got a job at a popular website to write about otaku culture.
    * New LiA writer announcement.
    * Week-long Japan trip with full coverage.

  5. K

    What a tease you are! 😉

  6. e

    Are you a super-S blogger after all? 8p
    Oh the suspance! Kittens pics-relief WHERE?

  7. e

    AW <3. You had to pick my fav one of the bunch hadn't you?
    I'll hold onto it as a lifeline watching the end of Natsuyuki. May it end well.

    While I'd be very happy at totoum's scenarios below, I also wonder: have you been summoned to be part of the ANN site staff?
    News on the Moribito front?
    Are you going to interview Mori-sensei *insert drool here* ?

    In speculah speculohrum.

  8. A




    Hmm … I wonder if the 20th is your birthday, although I kinda doubt it.

    – Flower

  9. A

    I think Enzo got a job as an exotic dancer in Antarctica. Just a guess.

  10. A

    Umm. Wow.

    I must admit that such a possibility would not have … erm … occurred to me.

    If this turns out to be so I wonder if I should congratulate him?

    – Flower

  11. Actually I was kidding. This are my guess:
    1.) You're getting interviewed.
    2.) You're getting a new site.
    3.) You're getting married.

  12. Heh – I like that.

  13. B

    I hope this announcement isn't like "I'm getting a new video card" or something cause that would be a letdown for realsies.

  14. I

    Is this like a very funny way of saying: I can't blog anymore because I'm to busy with real life stuff.

    Unlikely, so I think your getting a job at one of the anime sites that make money or you'll start blogging on another site like RC or you've become head honcho of RC or your going to work for an anime company or it's not related to you too much but it's just big anime news.

    No hints?

  15. I've already given one – and then a hint about the hint in the comments.

    Hey – did Psycho-Pass give hints???

  16. t

    If it's just you finally having managed to find a fansub group for ginga e kickoff (and maybe Hyouge Mono while i'm at it),i'll be pleased but a few people might say "that's all?"

  17. Actually, Seijisensei is working on getting the remaining eps of Hyouge Mono translated. Ginga, alas, seems to be getting no love at all. I can't even get Hadena interested.

  18. e

    My cosmos is burning with tears of both relief and despair at such fansubbing news. No love for the tirelesse terrier and his valiant companions though? ;_;

  19. L

    They're finally making another Mushishi season? !
    Oh wait, that's got nothing to do with Enzo. Hmm…. He's going to migrate to Japan or something?

  20. A

    My own guess is that this is a cool job move, but one that can't be announced until it's official. Congrats ahead of time!

  21. B

    Guys I have a totally legit hot off the presses information leak right here. The news is…

    that Enzo will be having him personality uploaded to an immortal robot so that he can blog about anime episodes FOREVER.

  22. A Mobile Virtual Presence Device? If the technology existed, I'd be first in line.

  23. B

    And here I was getting ready to congratulate you at the birth of your first kid. Ah well maybe next time. :p

  24. t

    Oh wait

    enzo on twitter: "Is Wolf Children playing anywhere in Tokyo with English subtitles, I wonder?"

    If enzo's wondering,could be because he's planning on going to Tokyo soon!

  25. e

    @totoum: good catch! Well, the post here is tagged 'Japan' + 'me' + 'misc.' .
    Hence I second the travel scenario.

    Enzo, do snap&share a lot of pics goodness, onegai?

  26. t

    The Tokyo Game Show starts on 9/20. Enzo, you lucky bastard. Do have fun.

  27. r

    eh but its related to PSYCHO-PASS minna! maybe hes not going to japan..? or iunno xD *will wait patiently**

  28. i

    It's 9/20. Post the big news! =)

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