1. A

    Mmm interesting

  2. e

    Enzo… have you morphed into Bill Murray since your previous Japan trip? I miss the beard D,: .
    More seriously, I'm a sad clueless panda as my memories of him – as fond as they are – are still related to the Ghostbusters movies mainly.
    I'm relying on the rest of LiA's readers to decipher the hint this time. *insert imploring kitten face here*

  3. H

    Wait, is that a screenshot or a real picture of you?
    (And darn, here my guess was that you were seeing the Tiger and Bunny movie and were going to review that next week)

  4. S

    It's freaking obvious, isnt it? Enzo's going to Tokyo! and he's afraid of elevators, or megalophic japanese people. English isn't my first language, so perhaps my pun will be lost in translation.

  5. e

    @Helen: I was joking (except about the beard :p). That's a Bill Murray screenshot from 'Lost In Translation' I believe. But having not watched the movie yet I can't infer much from it.

  6. K

    So are you going to or are you in Japan?

    And I never saw that movie? Any good?

  7. e

    The site header now says lost in Tokyo. Hum… let's believe our super-S blogger? XD

    @Helen: Enzo and Kotetsu-saaaaan (<3) in the same room? Too much adult manly goodness, ahah. Ouch, my ovaries.

  8. Very good indeed. That movie really helped spark my interest in Japan.

  9. x

    * You got a job as a slave. A.K.A. Animator.
    * You got a job as an English teacher.
    * You got a job as a gaijin husband.
    * You became a NEET, migh as well move to Japan.

  10. x

    Oh fuck, got it right.

    Opened this post directly from my RSS live feed. Commented this speculation before reading the reveal.

  11. j

    Hopefully you'll meet a scarlett johansson as well!

  12. t

    oops,wrong account login,well now you know my real name lol

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