Ginga Keeps Kicking

I already knew Ginga e Kickoff was doing pretty well in Japan based on the TV ratings and my usual method of measurement (how many doujins are out there) but it’s nice to see some confirmation: it placed third in a poll by BIGLOBE (an ISP) of “Best Spring Anime”.  It’s not a scientific poll, of course, but it’s still nice to see.  Are you reading, Crunchyroll?



  1. R

    I'm not entirely sure why because it actually is a relatively valid measurement, but your "usual method of measurement" sent me into a fit of hysterics @_@ I have no idea why! It's not even anything funny, but I just started cracking up.

    That aside though, it's good to see one of the best sports series I've seen in a while doing well.

  2. Well, they are a very real indicator of what's clicking with a sizable part of the fan community…

  3. a

    Being a crunchyroll user myself, I'm glad to see it's doing well outside that community. No one ever praises or talks about that show in that site. It's only here in your blog that I can get good insights and discussion on the latest episodes. I'm a little surprised that Tsuritsama fared lower than it should. I guess it's probably not everyone's cup of tea.

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