Big Trouble With Little Busters (updated)

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Updated 7/29/12full-length PV is out, series confirmed for October. Plus Horie Yui as the male lead, hmm…

It doesn’t seem right not to say something about the biggest kerfuffle in the anime universe at the moment.

If you follow any anime forums or news sites, I can’t imagine you haven’t heard by now about the new anime adaptation of the Key VN Little Busters.  I haven’t played the game myself, but even I know that this is arguably the most anticipated anime project in years – certainly it’s gotten as much discussion before it was even announced as any I can remember.  For my part, I liked Kyoto Animation’s Clannad – though I think it’s too reliant on push-button melodramatics – and loved KyoAni’s take on Kanon, one of the best series of 2006.

Ah, but therein lies the source of the massive consternation surrounding the announcement (or more properly, the leaked news) of a LB anime.  Key fans are a notoriously tough crowd to please, and they wanted KyoAni to be the ones to produce Little Busters.  Quite understandable, really – though I do find it funny that many of these same fans never miss an opportunity to heap abuse on KyoAni for their choices in adaptations and so-called decline.  So when the announcement came that LB was going to be animated, in fact, by JC Staff, it was as if a stink bomb went off in an elevator.  Though I noted immediately on release of the preview that the animation and character design looked like JC Staff, most fans were shocked when the announcement came a few days later.

I guess I look at this in two ways.  In the first place, JC Staff is the studio that’s given us Ano Natsu, Toradora and Honey and Clover, among other shows – so it’s not as if they’re incapable of producing excellent and good-looking anime.  Yet they take probably more abuse from fans than any studio except DEEN.  True, they’re not a guarantor of quality, they sometimes take liberties with adaptations and some of their shows do have a washed-out, generic look to them – but they’re a huge studio with a huge range of quality in their output.  If anything, I would be more surprised by the absence of a big-name director like Kasai Kenichi or Nagai Tatsuyuki for Little Busters than by the choice of studio.

The dominant thought for me, though, is that if I were a huge fan of Little Busters, I wouldn’t be wallowing in unhappiness when I should be celebrating.  I imagine how I would feel if the announcement of a full adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin’s Jinchu Arc – which I’ve been waiting for since the last Century – were announced, to be done (as it likely would) be DEEN.  There might be a moment of wistful dreaming of Production I.G. or P.A. Works of even Gallop – but the dominant emotion would be elation.  I imagine how I’d feel if a continuation of the Seirei no Moribito adaptation were announced.  How can you be so unhappy when something you wanted so much has been given to you at last?

I’m not going to preach to those disappointed fans, because while I’ll be very interested in the LB anime and look forward to it eagerly, I’m not enough of a fan of the franchise to really get the intensity of feeling.  But there are others properties like those mentioned above that I do feel that way about.  Perhaps it might not be such a bad idea to take a deep breath, step back from the cliff, and let yourself be happy – you have something as a RK or Moribito fanatic I would practically kill for – you’re getting your anime.  If it’s not exactly in the form you wanted, that’s a shame – but why not wait and see what kind of job JC Staff does before dismissing the whole project?  This is a huge financial opportunity for them, and they’ll make more by pleasing the fans than pissing them off.  There’s every reason to suspect that JC Staff will do everything they can to make this a success, even if they have assigned a relatively unknown team to direct the project.

Sadly, I really don’t think this series is going to get a chance – it seems to have been written off (as, to some extent, has Eureka Seven AO) by the fans who should be the most excited about it.  I think for many fans there’s too much invested in dismissing the adaptation and too much pride on the line to admit the anime is good, even if it is.  I hope I’m wrong, and that the fan reaction is open-minded and fair – and I suspect the anime is going to be better than the doomsayers expect, by a long shot.  It might be not the equal of Kanon – I feel the presence of Hisaya Naoki in creating the original story is what made that Key’s best anime adaptation yet – and it very probably won’t be as lush and gorgeous as KyoAni’s adaptations were.  But the whole point it is, we don’t know – and we won’t know until we see it.  And it’s a hell of a lot better to have an adaptation of a property you love on the way than the uncertainty of whether one will ever happen at all.

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  1. A

    Pretty much everything you just wrote. Quite frankly, after years of wondering when Little Busters was going to get animated, I'm just happy it's going to get an anime. Of course Kyoani would have been preferable, but I'm open to another studio doing it. I mean, if it sucks, it's not like I've lost anything. There is still the original source material and maybe Kyoani will make a Little Busters 2016! There have already been numerous tweets and posts that indicate that all is going well with the adaptation. People will find anything to complain about though. *sigh* Well, right now, I'm super excited that LB! is getting an anime and I'm definitely looking forward to it!

  2. c

    Being a big Key fan myself, the announcement surprised me. Yeah, JC Staff is a hit and miss studio giving us a mix of bad and good adaptations. However, I think it's not fair to judge until the show actually airs. Perhaps the low expectations might surprise us… If not, there is always a possibility for another adaptation if it's unfaithful at the very least, unleashing rage from the fans.

  3. x

    I don't know much about LB but I can relate with the fans' feelings by imagining DEEN announcing a F/SN Heaven's Feel adaptation.

  4. But you know, RK fans have been waiting for a Jinchu adaptation since 1999. And when there was all the anticipation after the "new anime project" was announced, that's what everyone was hoping for – and we knew if it happened, it'd probably be DEEN (a worse studio than JC Staff in every way). Trust me – you would not have seen this level of negativity if it had happened – most of us would have been thrilled.

  5. A

    Excuse me for my ignorance, but how can this generic-looking (i.e. silly childish looking) show possibly be so called "the most anticipated anime project in years"??? There is absolutely nothing that I can find from these screen caps that it would amount to anything other than abomination. Ok, I might've gone too far, but you get my drift.

    I'm in the extreme minority who watches Japanime, but can't stand this generic looks and other silly Japanime-specific tropes (not all but most of them silly stuff). I swear I've seen these faces at least hundreds or heck, thousands of times already. Now while I don't want to be too snarky on a show I've never heard of, but I bet the plot and characters are pretty much recycled stuff. 99% of them out there all are as you know. It all comes down to how much of those recycled stuff one is willing to tolerate. And did I mention these generic character designs really grind my gears, drive me mental? Ok, ha ha again went too far, but you know.

    So unless this show has absolutely ground-breaking plot and/or characters, do explain why this is worth any hype, Mr. G. Enzo 'cos, ahem, I don't buy it myself.

  6. A

    Have you ever heard of Key? Of Air, Kanon, Clannad, or Angel Beats?

  7. F

    Now while I don't want to be too snarky on a show I've never heard of,

    Good plan, I'll bet you'll do it anyway.

    but I bet the plot and characters are pretty much recycled stuff. 99% of them out there all are as you know.

    Same sentence! Thats got to be a new fucking record.

    I congratulate you on having the hackiest post ever.

  8. H

    "Japanime"? Really?

  9. E

    Eww, another troll appears.
    People don't have obligation to explain it to you what's good about Little Buster, when you haven't even played the visual novel.
    I like the mini games very much, especially the baseball mini game.
    I aimed for the cats for porpose.

  10. f

    question about the baseball minigames, do they actually have any effect on the increase of your stats? I remember busting my ass for 4 and 5 hit combos, while avoiding the cats (i assume hitting them is bad)

  11. P

    >> Excuse me for my ignorance, but how can this generic-looking (i.e. silly childish looking) show possibly be so called "the most anticipated anime project in years"??? There is absolutely nothing that I can find from these screen caps that it would amount to anything other than abomination. Ok, I might've gone too far, but you get my drift.

    Your cave. You should get out of it. :p

    It might not be everyone's favorite studio, adaptation, or writer, but Kyoto Animations adaptions of Maeda Jun and KEY works AIR(2005), KANON(2006) and CLANNAD(2007-2008) certainly generated a LOT of noise and buzz when they were released. To the point that the next work in the series, Little Busters certainly has a lot of buzz going around it as well. :p

    About GE main point, maybe I'll have to politely disagree.I would certainly peeved if Seirei no Moribito or Kemono no Souja was animated by a B studio after being spoiled by IG studio excellent adaptation. Point in case: After playing Umineko I was eagerly waiting for the adaptation, only to be vastly dissappointed at DEEN take on it.

    Anticipation and hype certainly make it even more difficult than it already is for JC staff to get a succesful adaption (and LB is not an easy series to adapt because of its narrative). And as you say, the range JC staff series lie in is HUGE (it has produced some of my favorite series, like Honey and Clover. However it has also produced a greater number of series that I couldn't care about even though the original material was excellent.,

    My current position: wary. Really, really wary.

  12. d

    So what is the Estimated Time of Anime of this?
    Been waiting and still waiting.

  13. No one knows. Best guess Winter 2013.

  14. A

    Confirmed 2013

  15. A

    *sorry I meant Fall 2012

  16. I

    JC was the first studio I loved. I remember wizzing through Honey and Clover (1,2), Nodame Cantabile, Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima and Azumanga Daioh when I first started watching anime. JC may make a lot of pretty crappy shows but I think people forget about the enormous hits they make as well.

    Last season they were making 6 shows but only one was creating major buzz. I'd also like to point out that most of JC staffs hits come from a single genre, slice of life-romance which if memory serves correctly is the sort of games (with a touch of supernatural) that Key make.

    People should think of that before they think of the rubbish made by JC. Quality is not assured, but then which company can still guarantee quality animes. IG produced GC and Kyoani made K-on and I wouldn't call those quality shows.

    If people are worried about the animation they should look up Kamisama no Memochou to see how good JC can make a show. If they want to see a VN adaptation of JC look up Kimikiss.

    The fact is that JC have, can and will make great shows and people should look forward to the fact that the studio with the most experience and hits in the genre is making their favourite VN. I for one will.

  17. E

    JC Staff is really a hit and a miss.
    Looking back at these two anime who airs at the same time: Bakuman II and Shana III.
    I like Bakuman II very much. It portrays the manga very well. I shed tears during episode 25, just like when I read that particular chapter in the manga.
    But Shana III is a train wreck. If it's true that Shana's light novel is good, then JC Staff has totally failed to portray it into anime. All it does were presenting us too many characters with proper introduction, a lot of super lengthy names and terms, only to be disposed later. >_>
    So, everybody live happily ever after? Yeah…

  18. P

    >> IG produced GC and Kyoani made K-on and I wouldn't call those quality shows.

    Production wise GC was the crop of the crop. (the problem here was the scriptwriter, who does not really work for the animation company). Within is genre K-ON is considered to be the best of the best, and this is vastly backed just if you check DVD, Blu ray, movie tickets and associated merchandise. KyoAni may be a niche series producer, but they sure do well what they do.

  19. I

    I meant the overall quality and I'd also like to point out that other that the first season of KnT when was the last time IG made a good highschool rom-com. JC were making one only 3 weeks ago.

    As for K-ON, high BD and DVD sales are not indicative of good shows but popular ones. Unfortunate as it is good sales and well thought out story and characters rarely go hand in hand. Moe pandering is not exactly Chihayafuru.

    Infinite Stratos had a big budget and had high sales, but I think it is universally accepted as having banana peels for story and character.

    Finally LB is a romance, not something where you need a massive production value for but amaible characters and an interesting story, something neither GC, IS or (for me and all other K-ON haters) K-ON has.

  20. Z

    But now you are comparing a lot of different genres which means that you will of course like the show that fits you. KnT is a Shoujo romcom while K-ON is a Seinen slice of life, nothing in common really as there wasn't even a guy in sight in K-ON to romance with. Chihayafuru was also a romcom although a sports anime. I agree that IS had a poor plot, but the characters wasn't bad, which is why it had good sales. For that matter Chihayafuru as a Shoujo had just a reverse of the IS main character with the super dense girl instead of the super dense guy. It's somewhat amusing that you consider one banana peels and the other great.

  21. I

    I wasn't comparing the story of K-ON or IS to Chihayafuru, but the quality of the story. Chihayafuru can be considered inspiring to some extent and while Chihaya is indeed dense in romance, she and the other characters are very well crafted and are constantly changing due to their own insecurities.

    In IS character development was a girl slapping boy one day and going into his bed naked the. I think what you meant was the character designs weren't bad in IS which is why it sold well. My problem with IS was a complete lack of creativity on the mental level.

    In the case of K-ON, I just don't like the genre. A pure slice of life anime can be relaxing like Aria or funny like Azumanga Daioh, but in K-ONs case it was just silly. Some people like that in that's fine but it isn't what you'd call Oscar material. I at least wouldn't give a skeptic of the medium K-ON to reconsider his opinion.

  22. F

    Except that whether or not you like the show is utterly irrelevant.

    You don't like K-On, so fucking what? Lots and lots of people do.

    And this continues to go back to people having no fucking clue how anime is made. And using their complete lack of knowledge to spout off truly idiotic commentary.

  23. Damn, the arrogance just flows like a raging river off that one…

    Is it really so hard to be civil to people who disagree with you?

  24. F

    Enzo, they aren't "disagreeing with me" they are wrong

    Those are two very, very different things. He brought up K-On in a completely irrelevant context to make a point that is completely asinine.

    Much like how 95% of the freakout over JC Staff is directly related to how 99% of people commenting have no idea what they are talking about.

    All I ask is that people don't be idiots! IS THIS SO HARD GUYS!?

  25. P


    It's kind of difficult to judge an animation studio's work on aspects other than, well, animation. Overall quality includes many people outside the animation studio itself, like the producers, the writers, the directors, etc.

    And regarding people often disregarding popular shows as inherently bad because of the fact they are popular, I always remind them that there's a definite positive correlation between popularity and quality. It is not 1:1, but it's definitely there.

  26. I

    I happen to watch the first season of and half of the second season of K-ON, firstly because I wanted to give it a try and secondly because in these sort of arguments the phrase "you don't know anything" seem to enter quite a bit. As the annoyance with lack of substance or comedy built up, I dropped the show as I saw no point in continuing it.

    My reference to K-ON was simply because I don't think fans of Key/Kyonani (which I am also one of) shouldn't hate on JC for making LB instead of Kyonai as K-ON shows that Kyoani can make a no substance show, the complete opposite of any Key related media.

    @Proto, I think the animation quality in K-ON and any Kyoani work to be extremely fluid and well made. My problem with it it the direction taken with the show as mentioned above.

    Also as I see it popularity and quality have an incredibly weak correlation. Only show with near top level quality (like F/Z) in all areas are popular and considered high quality works. If you checked the manga that win the shogakukan award, you will find that many of them are relatively unheard of.

    Some shows are very popular because of their quality or uniqueness(rarely, Shinbo Akiyuki being the exception) but most are popular because they cater to the biggest demograph. Popularity is made by numbers and the largest demograph has the most numbers.

    Since we are now entering an argument about preferences and universal quality which is an argument that has raged for long enough I'd like to end this one.

  27. Setting aside the specific merits of the argument ("They're not disagreeing, they're WRONG) doesn't imply much interest in discussion, anyway) I simply don't see the need for name-calling and insults. If someone is factually wrong, point out that fact and move on. Is all the abuse really necessary?

  28. P

    >> All it does were presenting us too many characters with proper introduction, a lot of super lengthy names and terms, only to be disposed later. >_>
    So, everybody live happily ever after? Yeah…

    Well, a large part of that is because they neglected to animate some of the prequels. Production wise Shana is not bad at all.

  29. J

    I say nay to the naysayers. Little Busters could be the show that defines JC Staff as an animation powerhouse just as easily as it could flop and slink into irrelevance. All this speculation is unnecessary and unwarranted; we should just wait for the show to release and evaluate it for what it is rather than what we hope it will be.

    If certain narrow-minded people had it their way, every show on the planet would be animated by the same studio, directed by the same director, voiced by the same seiyuu, and variety would be a dead concept. I wouldn't like that and neither would any sane person.

  30. B

    Luckily I've never played the VN so I look forward to watching this and no doubt enjoying it, just as I've enjoyed every other Key adaptation to date.

  31. s

    I think if J.C. Staff would have used a respected director and writer, the fury would have only been a heavy grumble. The majority of these fans probably would be able to accept that, while having J.C. Staff produce it means that it's animation will look worse then KyoAni's 7 year old production of Air, at least if it was directed by the likes of a Tatsuyuki Nagai then the storytelling and plotting would turn out great.

    I also think these same fans that are pulling their hair out over this news will, in the end, still watch the anime adaptation when it airs and J.C. Staff will get their shot to win over the viewers.

    As for Rurouni Kenshin, I'd kill to have Brains Base (with Takahiro Omori directing) do a complete reboot and cover the entire manga series.

  32. F

    I think if J.C. Staff would have used a respected director and writer, the fury would have only been a heavy grumble.


    Holy shit, why are people this fucking stupid?

  33. s

    I'll admit I'm not 100% up-to-date on how Japan makes anime but who else then the company in charge of producing the anime (J.C. Staff) would get to decide how J.C. Staff produces the anime?

    I'm sure the other members of the production committee probably have some general say in it but I can't imagine J.C. Staff or any other animation studio would work in a system where the toy licensor or a TV network executive gets to decide the director/writer of a project.

    And it's apparent from looking over the credits that, at least, the director – Yoshiki Yamakawa – is a long time J.C. Staff employee.

  34. t

    There's really a gazillion ways a director and writer can be chosen

    "who else then the company in charge of producing the anime (J.C. Staff) would get to decide how J.C. Staff produces the anime?"

    Warner is producing the anime so they can go out and get a director and writer they like,if the director works with a studio then the studio will be producing the anime.Or they can go out and ask a studio and choose a director in accordance with the studio.
    But a lot of directors and writers don't work for a studio in particular (in this case the writer,mostly active in 90s, has never worked for JC staff).
    A few exemples
    Jun Maeda wrote Angel Beats but he's in no way a PA works employee,same with director Kishi he's also worked with studios such as Brain's Base or AIC,Kishi was chosen by Maeda and aniplex,the choice of PA work was a separate decision.PA works accepted to work with him but didn't choose him.
    Or take Joshiraku airing this season,JC staff is producing the animation but they likely didn't choose Tsutomu Mizushima (who's a veteran associated with many different studios) to direct it,that was likely folks at MBS and starchild.

    Or take Ayumu Watanabe , he's neither a Hoods employee or an A1 employee but he directed Nazo no Kanojo X and Space Brothers at each studios at the same time.

    Of course a studio can refuse to work with a director but then the producers would just go and find another studio.

    Nagai himself isn't a JC staff employee,he did Ano Hana at A1 and he's been keeping himself busy directing the EDs of gundam age at sunrise and of Kokoro Connect at Silver Link,doesn't mean he won't work on a JC staff project again.

  35. S

    Something that I feel should be pointed out, and constitutes an additional source of concern, is that adapting Little Busters! is going to be significantly harder than say, Clannad. Apart from the girl's specific routes, the common route relies on a lot of jokes and activities that are not going to transition easily into animation.

    But anyway, if nothing else I am really looking forward to this just for the chance to see Riki hit the cats. I mean, the first time it went…

    Cat jumps in front of the ball:
    Rin: "You are doing it on purpose!"
    Riki: "That was totally his fault!"
    Me: rolling on the floor laughing for 2 minutes

  36. U

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Enzo, and it seems we were on the same wavelength here. Honestly if there's someone who should be upset here it's me seeing as the Tsukhiime VN is one of my favorites and they butchered it, 10 years ago… But I think JC Staff has matured since then and are definitely going to put in the extra effort for this project. For now I say we should be happy, with some healthy reservations of what to come.

  37. R

    Derp that last comment was me, can never get these blogging comments to work like I want :p.

  38. E

    True that. I tried so hard to setup my wordpress account here, but I still won't fookin' work. :/

  39. E

    The only reason I'm not disregarding this now is because it's Key, and I absolutely adore Kanon 2006, and Clannad is good too. I really can't stand this harem stuff, it so bugs me the wrong way. Of course, there are exceptions: Kanon and Clannad as I said earlier, and Love Hina, because it's much more tasteful. Then there's both True Tears and Bakemonogatari, both of which are technically "harems", but after watching them you realize they aren't really. So I guess I won't shoot this down, for now.

  40. d

    1. The best JC Staff work will forever be Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko. If Shinbo would return to JC Staff just to direct this, the entire show will be so glorious the entire fanbase will have to shut their gaps. No, really. Shinbo DID work for JC Staff once.

    2. The entitlement issue appears to be a much bigger malaise that is affecting the anime community. It is a shame that people would rather have THEIR needs gratified than trying to enjoy the show on it’s merits.

    3. There will never be a planetarian anime T_T

  41. d

    sometimes fulfilling people needs is the merit of a show.
    Need a thrill? Thats the merit of an amusement park.
    Same logic applies.

    I just like KyoAni. @Enzo: next time you go to that town, take a shot of the building for us!

  42. d

    No issues with that. I quite understand the disappointment when expectations are not met either. But people are throwing tantrums.

  43. J

    With all the this hate and table flipping of the fanboys, I will not be surprise if JC staff will just screw this on purpose (well, they are really that dumb and stupid). All this commotion makes me really excited about how will this adaptation will turn out. God forbid I will hear another loli character with Kugimiya Rie as VA.

  44. J

    (well, "if" they are really that dumb and stupid)
    i need glasses …..( •_•)>⌐■-■

  45. A

    Well maybe this is for the better I mean Little busters is mainly at the core a story about friendship not about some tragic teenager love(there is some of that too but its not the core of the story). This will turn out different when compared with the other adaptation because in my view its core storyvalues are different, and they have to get the funny parts right because the whole wacky figthing system in the VN really did give Little busters a kind of unique funny element that a lot of the people liked(now to do some of those fights in the anime would be epic and would give rise to some of the most funny one on one battles in anime history .

  46. I wonder, though, if the adaptation will remain at heart a friendship story (which is one of the reasons I've always thought the it sounded interesting) or turn it into a tragic teen romance because that will sell more discs.

  47. A

    That would be a bad path to take but everthing at this point is pure especulation the only thing to do is wait and see and hope for a decent work a good sign is they are going to use the original opening song as the opening song for the anime and most of the original voice cast will be doing the voices for the anime .

  48. T

    @Enzo: From what I've heard, both. This is just hearsay (I haven't gotten around to reading the VN yet), but apparently some of the routes do end up going for typical KEY drama material, while the common route and ending are a bit more unusual for the company.

    The only thing that really keeps me worried is length. Two cour is just too short for this material, especially if they plan on doing all of the routes, as it seems they might intend to. Even KyoAni couldn't get Air to work very well at the length they had for it, and I rather hate seeing a good story rushed.

  49. K

    While I do not mind JC Staff doing LB for reasons Enzo has explained. Though JC Staff is probably guilty of being massively inconsistent when it comes to adapting works. It really depends on which team does the adaptation.

    When I saw the director assigned for LB has just finished Kill Me Baby, I just facepalmed and went

    Even in the 4-koma department, Kyo-Ani has managed to turn a generic title into a massive cashcow (say what you will about K-ON being overhyped moeshit). But give it to JC Staff, and somehow they can turn it extremely boring.

    So I'll be adopting a "look and see" approach. Time for JC Staff to prove us wrong.

  50. Hmm. Horie Yui? Interesting. Can't wait to watch a male version of Horie Yui. Welp Riki is a bit girly when he was voice by his original seiyuu.
    (/me is imaginings Riki as Naru(Love Hina)o(>.<o))

  51. Hochan has done very, very few male roles than I can recall.

  52. d

    Said it once. Saying it again. 2012 is the new best anime year.

  53. The game was good but don't expect to much from this anime as it might end up like Guilty Crown and SAO.
    Lets us just sit back, relax and see what happens.

  54. C


    Jokes aside, I've always said that the director is far, far more important the studio itself, but with Yamakawa Yoshiki (Hatsukoi Limited, Kill Me Baby) at the helm, I'm not exactly enthusiastic. Then again, one of my favorite bloggers called Little Busters! and Kud Wafter pieces of shit and brought up an excellent point: not all KEY games are made equal. AIR certainly isn't Kanon and Little Busters! definitely isn't Clannad. It's been said before that classic Maeda Jun ended with Clannad, and while I haven't touched any of their VN's, after Angel Beats! I'm more inclined to agree.

  55. And Clannad ain't Kanon, either. The classic Hisaya Naoki era at KEY ended with that one…

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