Aniblog Tourney – Thank You for your Support (Updated)

It’s been an amazing run through the Aniblog Tourney, and it was a hell of a close race – a 13-vote difference in both semi-finals.  I’ll say it again – winning my bracket and reaching the semifinals was way, way more than I expected.  I very much appreciate all the support and feedback you’ve given me along the way.  I know this tournament has been a great thing for Lost in America, and it means a lot to me to know that there are readers out there who find what I’m doing here worthwhile.  Sincerely, thank you all.

Now then, if you care what I think, what about the finals?

As you know, I’ve taken the position since this thing started that I would simply let LiA stand or fall on its own merits and not make it about whatever blog I was up against – even if that blog took potshots at this one (which did happen a couple of times).  Now that my run is over, I think I’m free to step outside those self-imposed restrictions a little, and let you know why I’m enthusiastically supporting Metanorn. 

First of all, you should vote for whoever you want to vote for – your opinion is the only one that should decide your vote.  But for me, it’s an easy decision.  First of all, Metanorn is easily the better website of the two.  But there’s also the matter of Metanorn not staking its entire case on belittling the competition, and the rest of the blogging community.  Whiners has done everything they can to make this tourney a crusade against “episodic blogs” which the owner seems to see as the root of all evil in anime blogging (and anything else you care to mention is wrong with the universe).  That’s fine if that’s what you think, but if your whole reason for existence – never mind competing – is to talk shit about other people (and not just websites, but the people themselves), that’s a pretty sad reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Yes, he’s totally wrong – but that’s almost beside the point.

It must say something about how deeply ingrained Random Curiosity is in the anime community that Dark Sage and many others have tried to make the entire tournament about RC, when RC isn’t even competing.  RC can handle being demonized be a few folks looking for attention – when you’re the biggest, you’re the easiest target.  Just to make a few things clear, I write two posts a week for RC.  For LiA, the number averages about 25.  I’m happy to write for RC and proud to be a part of a site that’s such an institution (for good reason) in anime blogging, but RC isn’t LiA and they’re not in the tournament.  I have no doubt that my readership increased after I started writing for RC – hell, I saw it in the numbers – and I’m grateful that Divine gave me the opportunity.  But those readers wouldn’t have kept coming back if they didn’t feel they were getting something valuable out of the experience, and I don’t think the people who voted for me at the tourney would have done so if they didn’t feel the same way.

RC doesn’t deserve to be demonized and vilified but like I said – RC can handle it, and it comes with the territory when you’re the big dog.  Even if Metanorn weren’t clearly the better site (which they are) I would have a hard time supporting a blog that stakes its entire case on slandering the alternative, especially when they’re running against a candidate that isn’t even in the race.  The whole thing is very silly, and it’s the kind of BS that drags the entire fan community down with it.  I would hate to see an argument like that win the tournament – but fortunately, there’s almost no chance of that happening.  I’m supporting Metanorn, and I hope you do too.

Once again, for me, this whole experience has been so much more than I expected.  Winning the bracket was a great accomplishment for a one-man site, and basically a new blog.  Thanks to everyone for supporting LiA, and I hope you’ll continue to be regular contributors on the site.




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