Aniblog Tourney – The Slipper Still Fits (Semifinals now live!)

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I feel like an answer to one of those “Which one doesn’t fit” questions on the SAT…

The Semifinals are now live! Vote here!

Thanks to your kind support, Lost in America has won the Yellow Bracket in the Aniblog Tourney.  I can’t help but think of the Butler Bulldogs in the Final Four with three NCAA powerhouses and how unlikely that seemed (until they went ahead and made the finals two years running, anyway).  Metanorn, Star-Crossed, and… who??

I feel as if I’m won my tournament already, to be honest – winning the bracket is a spectacular result.  I can’t deny I’m proud, because I do put in a lot of hard work on this site.  What you see is what you get, but it’s honest and it’s mine and I’m glad to have connected with anime fans all over the world.  It goes without saying that the other three winners are all powerhouse sites, including the one I’m up against tomorrow,  But it’s never been about the other sites for me, so I’ll let them speak for themselves.  If you’d consider supporting us one more time in the semis, I’d appreciate it.  And whatever happens, it’s been a great ride!




  1. M

    Wow. Congratulations!

    It's interesting how you got the exact same number of votes as The semifinals should be interesting (and maybe your first real match? ;)).

  2. I noticed that too, Murkel – interesting. I don't put too much stock in it, though.

  3. e

    If this goes well can we hope to hear you sing in the next RC podcast, Enzocchi? I'd rather not subject you to walk around on crystal heels :p .
    *brings out the pompoms*

  4. E

    Seeing the number of votes that Star Cross and Metanorm get…
    Hard. Too hard.
    But I will still vote for you.

  5. A

    U deserve it 🙂

  6. d

    well, you say, "Metanorn, Star-Crossed, and… who??"

    I say, "Star-crossed, lostinanime, and… eh, what were these zillions of anime blog sites? Seriously I've never heard of ANY blog sites in the tourney except for those two and I'm proud of it! Yeah I said it. Now hit me… why don't you hit me?

    Come to think of it, I barely know more than five anime sites: randomc, them 4.0, myanimelist, anime-planet, nihon review plus the two I already mentioned. The rest seems so foreign to me and as if they exist in a different universe. So unless you get Star-crossed for SF, I highly doubt that you'd lose, GE. And who knows, even against Star-crossed, maybe let people at Randomc know about it and they would all flock over and crush Star-crossed. You could get 400-500 easy that way. But maybe you don't want that? Anyway you'd never know how these things would work out in the end.

  7. I


    This RC, GE would get thousands.

  8. K

    The amount of work you put in, especially this spring season, is extremely deserving of your current place in the tourney.
    Congrats on reaching this point, and good luck on the upcoming match.
    +1 for Enzo and LiA

  9. Thanks, all. And while I could no doubt try and recruit votes from the RC platform (I may mention it IRC) I'd rather not do so on the site itself, and Divine feels the same way.

  10. I

    I will follow you to the end, my brother, my captain, my king.

    Also I think LiA is the only site that has a single author in the semis so in terms of single handed achievement, you deserve an MVP.

  11. A

    And a cookie too 🙂

  12. N

    Star-Crossed also has one author.
    psgels and Enzo are both just that badass XP

  13. A

    I just viewed Star-Crossed. He dropped HxH! I can't believe so many guys out there who likes to drop hxh. Damn. Though I find his blog a bit interesting because of the ratings and add on after his insights, I prefer Enzo's writing style. So, you still have my vote Enzo! But I'll be checking out SC from time to time.

  14. Of course anyone can blog whatever they like. But doesn't this seem like a very odd time to drop H x H? Unless you've disliked it all along, in which case – why blog it for 37 eps?

  15. N

    He was fan of the old HxH anime and dropped it due to being disappointed and wanting to focus on other Anime instead of criticising what he didn't like every week.
    However, he still continues to blog about it, just thorough shorter Kaleidoscope posts.

  16. I'm not sorry I missed all that…

  17. A

    Too bad he dropped it. I think he's starting t like the 2011 version. You have my vote Enzo! I've been voting since the tourney started.
    -your nameless friend. haha

  18. J

    ( •_•)>⌐◥▶◀◤

  19. A

    LOL! hahaha. Enzo's blog will pierce through the heavens!

  20. R

    I have question: was randomc even in the tournament? and if not, why not? Just curious, I hope this doesn't open up a bag of worms…

    Anyways, keep on going Enzo! You're the only blog I read, and I think your insights are always great!

  21. Thx, Ryan! Divine prefers not to have RC compete in competitions such as that one.

  22. l

    Hope you win so I can make fun of Dark_Sage.

  23. I'll add that to the list of reasons I hope I win… 😉

  24. You got my sure vote for some reasons I don't want to explain.

  25. A

    I'm guessing your reasons are the same as mine. Dark_Sage really needs to be served a slice of humble pie.

  26. S

    Damn, I really want you to win this round.
    Good luck Enzo, I know the force is strong with you 😉

  27. N

    Voted for you easily, best of luck! You definitely deserve it (:!

  28. A

    I read also but i voted for LiA. I enjoy them both though.

  29. Thanks, all. Whatever happens, happens, but I appreciate the support.

  30. A

    Whoa … a tough choice. I like both sites. But I will vote for you Enzo, cuz I like warm, fuzzy things.

    – Flower

  31. e

    So true :,)

  32. Er… Thanks?

  33. t

    So enzo is moe?

  34. Rather be GAR…

  35. b
  36. k

    Voting is over and the results should be in. I wish the results would come out already. The suspense in killing me.

  37. Reminds me of elections from when I was growing up in Chicago.

  38. D

    Fucking close. Wow.

    Judging by the comments here, I lost several of my readers to you in this match. May I have them back for the finals? Cuz… I may need them.

  39. Respectfully, not if I have anything to say about it.

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