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    Yay Yay Yay.

    I loved Seitokoi no Ichizon went it first came out in 2009. Smart, funny and self-aware, it was the first comedy filled with references and parodies I liked and since I love those sort of comedies.

    Sugisaki was not the usual harem lead but he isn't the kind of over the top pervert that has become popular these days. He straddles a perfect middle ground of likeableness and lunacy making him one of my favourite male characters.

    The female cast is as varied as any typical harem but unlike their peers they don't pigeonhole themselves into a single moe archtype. They may not have Josei level character but for comedy there's more then enough and they're all funny in their own way.

    I heard wind of a season 2 a couple of years ago but with very little to go on since I assumed DEEN had dropped it. But one of the studios I least liked is becoming one of favourites with a sequel for one of my favourite comedies. Thanks DEEN.

    Honjitsu no Seitokia Shuryo

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    I couldn't get into this. dropped it after 2 or 3 eps, iirc.
    The other Seitokai was better, imho. The one with this guy joining a school where the girls outnumber guys like 10:1 or something. Not that great either, but some of the jokes were okay, and there was this short blond chick that got mad a lot. Name escapes me, sorry.

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    Setokai yakuindomo

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    Daaaaang lot of sequels coming out these days for shows I missed, I have to frantically scramble to catch up on these things.

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    A moe moe comedy about a student council made of a single perverted guy and 4 girls who secretly have feelings for him that Enzo ACTUALLY likes? Now that's the surprise of the century 😀

    Joking aside, I'm definitely excited at this news. Going by its summary, it didn't sound like a series that I would enjoy that much. But, after I'd watched it, the idiom "Never judge a book (or in this case, anime series) by its cover(or summary)" really came to mind. Till this day I still have fond memories of episode 8, when Elise, Lilicia's little sister infiltrated the student council. That episode for me was pure comedic gold, and I still re-watch just that episode whenever I want a bit of a laugh. I guess the Fall season just got better for me with this show to look forward to.

  6. If anyone thinks that's what SnI is, they definitely need to watch it – that description is pretty far off. There's elements of truth in it but the series is way, way more complicated than that.

    And yes, episode 8 was pretty amazing. But just one of many great ones. One of my favorite ED ever, too, especially the special version for episode 11.

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