Minami-ke Fourth Season Details

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UPDATE: Studio Feel will be animating. Ugh.

As you may know, Minami-ke was confirmed for a fourth season a couple of months ago.  At last, the details are in – Winter 2013 is the air date.  Director will be Kawaguchi Keiichiro (Hayate, Mayo Chiki, Sket Dance) and Series Composition will be Kouno Takamitsu (Ayakashi, Kyo no Go no Ni).

Fundamentally, I’m disappointed that Ohta Masahiko won’t be directing – he’s the key piece that made the first season the best, in my view, and one of the best anime comedies ever.  Kawaguchi-san has done some high-profile work, but I’m not a fan.  Kouno-san I feel better about – there’s some excellent composition work there, and he worked on the first season, and in addition to being the head writer for the Class 5-2 TV (same mangaka) worked on the excellent OVA.  Of course there’s still the question of studio, which has not been announced.



  1. t

    My intuition told me to guess the studio according to where the chara designer worked mostly at but following that logic my intuition tells me the studio would be feel lol

    So in the end I'm not going to follow my intuition.

  2. Heh, I tried the same thing and came to the same conclusion. I then went on "tilt" and decided to just wait.

  3. I

    Only 6 months, how great is it that we know when its coming. Lot of late sequels coming out but better now than never.

    I'm happy that the collective minds between Hayate, Class 5-2, Sket Dance and Mayo Chiki are involved. They were all at some point hilarious and I think Sket still is at times.

    Expecting a higher dosage of fanservice (completely welcomed if its Haruka) considering the late season and the men involved. Still….

    The return of Hosaka is at hand. All men charge down on Japan. First the Shinto then the world. All hail our King

  4. B

    6 months? Enzo's post says winter 2013. That's like 18 months.

  5. Winter 2013 means January 2013.

  6. B

    Ah, I see. Good new for those of us who are Minami-ke fans but an illogical way of notating things since that winter begins in 2012 ;).

  7. I

    Feel huh,I was right about expecting massive fanservice. Bible black eyes too.

    Interestingly enough Feel are credited with making one of my favourite and first anime, Ginban Kaleidoscope.

  8. B

    Feel did all 4 seasons of Da Capo, a sometime favorite of mine, so I feel like it could be a lot worse. They also did some work on Honey & Clover, though not the animation. Most recently they did… Papakiki and Mayo Chiki, neither of them GREAT shows in general but neither had bad animation, in fact I thought the animation in Mayo Chiki was pretty good. Or maybe I just liked the character design of Suzutsuki ;).

  9. A

    "he’s the key piece that made the first season the best"

    Like you watched over his shoulder as he was working. Yeaaaaahhh…you DO know what you are talking about…

  10. As always, the "Anons" deliver the best and most insightful criticism. Must be the lack of sack.

    Watch the first season and then the next two and figure out what was different, Einstein.

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