Aniblog Tourney: On to the Elite Eight

Don’t ask me how it happened, but Lost in America’s Cinderella tourney journey continues – we got past SSAB and earned a place in the Yellow Bracket finals against Canne’s anime review blog.
The Endless Elite Eight match goes live on Friday 6/29/12 at the usual 2000 UTC Update: We’re live!  Just click here to vote.  More thoughts after the fold…

So here we are again, oddly enough.  If you’d told me when this started that I’d be alive to fight for the championship of the bracket, I’d have laughed – I can honestly say I was hoping to win a couple of matches and that’s it.  Still, here we are – and I obviously have you to thank for it.  I’ve prepared a short video to express my thoughts on the matter:

Whatever happens at this point, it’s been a lot of fun and in all sincerity, it really does make me feel good that all the hard work I put in on LiA has connected with a few people out there.  You know my policy – I don’t focus on the opposition or change what I do here.  Canne’s is a good blog and deserves to be here, and I’ll just keep doing what I do and let the chips fall where they may.

Again, my sincere thanks and I hope you’ll take that trip over to Aniblog and support Lost in America one more time!



  1. I

    Nice vid;)

    I also can see that you might play Metanorn in the final. As the first aniblogging site I used versus the one I most use now, should be a fun match up.

  2. Speaking strictly as a guy with zero chance, I'll be stunned if anyone but Star Crossed wins the whole thing.

  3. l

    Good job :]

    Anyway, it seems that Star Cross Anime Blog, Metatorn and will be strong opponents for rest of the tourney, basing off the amount of votes they got.

    Good luck! I will be voting for you(I have a number of favorite blogs, but your posts have great writing and you blog HxH xD ,so you will instantly get my vote).

  4. M

    Congratulations, again! You've had my vote since the beginning.

  5. x

    Enzo is surprised people like his blog?

    Honest Thoughts > Fan Pandering
    Analysis > Summary
    Content > Visuals
    No Rating System
    FTL Speed
    The blogger actually likes his anime

    What else could anyone ask from an aniblog? Good job Enzo.

    PD: [Zetman Review – 82,5/100] what the fuck

  6. b

    I thought it would be a close fight in the votes but…wow.
    Good luck Enzo. You know you always have my vote 😉

  7. I did too. That last line score really stunned me.

  8. B

    Congrats Enzo, I'll keep voting for you until/unless you come up against ;).

  9. F

    Enzo's cleaning up like Miyanaga Teru

  10. Is that the Mahjong girl?

  11. S

    You're too modest Enzo. You're an amazing blogger and your fans want you to win this SOB!!!
    Will be campaigning hard for you when the times comes 😉

  12. N

    Glad to see the tournament is appreciating your awesomeness Enzo 😀

  13. E

    I'm spanish… But I can say you have good writting and you're always honest… And that's why I love your blog, it's like comenting an anime with your friend (without feed-back, since I never write comments, but I can know the honest opinion of another viewer).
    Whoa, I wish you'll understand this xD

  14. Si, lo entiendo. Muchas gracias.

  15. e

    Blimey you're against psgels this round.
    Voted for you, mystique-man (I do happen to be weak to this word, thank you very much. And to young John Malkovich).

  16. No I'm not, thank goodness – Star Crossed is on the other side of the bracket.

  17. E

    The third poll doesn't seem to be a threat, only half amount of people bother to visit it. But Star Cross will be a strong opponent.

  18. Hey, they're all strong to have made it this far – I consider myself an underdog against any of the surviving blogs.

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