Greetings From Fanime 2012

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Good afternoon, Lost in Americans! 

It’s a cool, cloudy day in San Jose California as my first ever Fanime kicks off. I’ve attended a few events so far – Matsumoto Leiji panel, opening ceremonies, etc. – but the big one for today is the Eureka Seven: AO event scheduled for tonight.  Legendary character designer/animator Koyama Shigeto (one of the original designers for AO) will be on-hand along with some Funimation folks.  Should be a great time.  The big thrill so far was meeting legendary GAINAX co-founder Yamaga Hiroyuki.

Below are some of the pics from Day One.  This press badge has its advantages – instead of 90 minutes my registration line was 2 people, and I don’t have to use the public bathrooms (that one is big). I think the early seating will be huge for some of the headline events, too – membership has its privileges, as they say.  Why didn’t I have one of these at TAF, dammit?

The line avoided
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Opening Ceremonies
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Yamaga Hiroyuki
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Artist’s Room


  1. d

    Looks like I should have started my summer job a week earlier…

  2. A

    Lol i just came back from there. Kinda sad to not see me in any of your pictures 🙁

  3. Are you cosplaying?

  4. L

    I'm wondering, are you going to AX2012? I would love to see some coverage, since I'm unable to go this year (again). And how did you get a press badge?

  5. Simple – I applied. I have more than enough traffic on here to meet their requirements for a press badge.

    As to AX, I'd love to – but it's still about 50-50.

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