Oreimo S2 Announced

Anime Contents Expo is happening this weekend, and all sorts of stuff is filtering out – including the entirely unsurprising news that Oreimo has been given a second season. This was inevitable given the popularity of the franchise, and while the first season was deeply flawed I enjoyed it a lot, including the clever “animated commentaries” on the Blu-rays. More Kuroneko?



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    Hmm I missed this one when it aired, guess I should check it out.

  2. All eps plus animated commentaries reviewed on this site.

    It was #9 on my 2010 best of list. Not a great year overall, but that's pretty solid.

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    Yeah, I actually didn't really watch any anime in 2010, I was on hiatus from it, only getting back in during the fall season 2011. Or summer season, I can never keep track of which season is which. Point is anything that aired in 2010 I missed so when sequels are announced I always have a lot of catching up to do haha.

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    Hell yeah, more Kuroneko and less Kuroneko please…

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    I just finished watching this yesterday. Weird timing.

    In total, not a bad series, though I was overcome with a constant dread that they'd take this series in the Koi Kaze direction. I had a really hard time enjoying it because of that problem.

    My faith in Japanese writers to not massively compromise their stories is pretty low. Is doesn't help I watched Usagi Drop recently and then read how that story progressed. There was much table flipping.

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    have to agreed that S1 surely was flawed but i still enjoyed it as well. I'm hoping that this S2 will be a lot better.

    i'm just wondering, they will most likely follow the true route, right? πŸ™‚

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    I have been a lurker of your site for a couple months now. I love reading your opinions and analysis. I haven't ever commented before though.

    I'm really excited for season 2. I watched almost every series of 2010 and considered this to be my favorite. I haven't read your blog posts about season 1 but oreimo wad definitely the series i looked forward to most each week. I guess i could relate well to kirino's situation because i lived a similar life…haha. Also, oreimo had the best opening song of the year in my opinion. I feel like you can usually judge a series by the quality of the opening and you won't be too far off. Anyway, thanks for letting us know about season 2 and thanks for the great blog!

  8. Thanks for de-lurking, and great to have you here!

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    The hit anime about safe incest is coming back?!
    As I have an older sister and live pretty close to my uncle who has two daughters that are both younger than me, I think Oneechan and Imouto moe has never been something I've liked. Actually I find it kind of disgusting. But in the words of Konata, only those without a sister feel sister moe. You don't know how much of a pain it you dumb otakus(not you guys, the japanese who laud this thing)

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    Simply put, the majority of the under 30 population doesn't have any siblings. This allows for enough space for the "Taboo but without any relating information" to exist. Anywhere that you generally don't have that situation (i.e. most of the rest of the world), you kind of look at that stuff and go "are you people freaking high? that's horribly disgusting".

    Given there's now an entire genre of eroge based around it, the more "ecchi" series will flirt with it, when available, to appeal to a fan base. Annoying, but, well, that's marketing & media for you.

  11. Trust me, the incest hinting was my least favorite part of the series. And I hope it's a tiny part of S2, with Kuroneko taking over as Kyou's love interest.

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    Yeah, that was the major flaw in the series. And why I couldn't quell my fear with the series. There's a whole lot to like about the series and the entire setup is pretty solid. The "moe imouto" as creepy otaku is a brilliant trope inversion. They mostly kept Kyou clean through the mess. Mostly. Kirino flirting with the brocon stuff was the biggest problem. Then again, this series wasn't huge on script subtlety, so you could argue there wasn't anything "there" and they didn't handle it well, but they were obviously playing with the topic.

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    I never felt like incest was a theme in the anime. It might have been for other mediums of oreimo but i just never felt it honestly. I feel like if you weren't specifically looking for it, it was never more than minor hinting to please the demographic who was into that sort of thing. I do agree though, having a younger sister myself, that that is only something people without a sister would feel. =P

  14. Did you see the "True End"? I could see feeling that way with the TV, but the True End felt pretty unambiguous to me.

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    I have seen it, but that doesn't mean i remember it well. haha. I have the kind of memory where after a year or two things get pretty fuzzy. I'll just have to take your word for it πŸ˜‰

    Just a few days ago in your Anime’s Finest Hour post when you talked about Seirei no Moribito being your favorite show, I didn't even realize i had seen it before until i started watching the first episode. Terrible, i know…

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    A quick poke around shows that the 10th Light Novel volume comes out on April 10th. This will likely set the stage for much of the ending for the second season. So we'll have a good idea if this is going down the annoying route or some other story path.

    If they don't go with any of the incest crap, there could be some mad shipping wars for the anime's end. Or multiple endings via OVA.

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    Oh, and I say that specifically because the otaku rage at ending on Volume 8 would be… intense. (Volume 9 is vignettes, which will make solid DVD/BluRay specials, apparently)

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    I went and read more synopsis on the Light Novel chapters. Umm… Kirino is pretty close to a fundamentally broken character and she's destroying her brother in the process. While Kuroneko is quite interesting and really should be the main focus of much of the second season, I can't really shift past the fact that Kirino's antics aren't so much insulting/gross as thoroughly destructive on everyone around her.

    Maybe this series is slowly becoming like most Pacifist arguments. For as much as you can appreciate Pacifism, pretty much all of their arguments end up with them being dead or subjugated. (It's an issue with their assumptions about functional reality being wrong, not that their idiots) Maybe Ore no Imouto is turning into an argument against the Imouto-type Eroge? Because this character is broken badly.

    Oh, and working through the anime for the Game Research Club scene in Volume 8 should be worth all of the trouble. That'll be great comedy.

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