Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Chihayafuru Character?

Who's your favorite Chihayafuru Character?

Taichi wins, and wins big – no less than 62% of the votes. I can’t say any of the results shocked me, though I thought Kanade might place a bit higher, and I hoped Tsutomu would. Obviously this is a series full of great characters, and Taichi is well on his way to being one of most-loved anime characters of 2012.



  1. K

    How come I never see the polls until it is too late to vote?

    Oh well make that 397 for Taichi, as he would have been my vote as well.

    It's nice to see so many people come around to liking Taichi's character after some initial hate (although there is still some of that)

  2. -

    HA! I knew Taichi would win. lol.

  3. M

    well can't be blamed for the initial hate since he was such a spoiled brat and a sore loser. But he has come such a long way and thats what I love about him 😉 ( I voted for him too 😛

  4. A

    It's too bad Sudo didn't get more votes, I think he's a hilarious character.

  5. A

    there's a bunch of shows missing from the poll : Zetman,Is this a zombie 2, kickoff, Ozuma, Saint seya, Phi brain 2 and Sankarea.

  6. Heh, wrong post…

    I usually do a "Part II" poll before the season starts.

  7. A

    I voted for Taichi and Kanade out of all them… they were the two characters I either found more interesting or I empathized with the most :D.
    Bonus point for Kanade being shy/quiet but composed, well endowed (oh Kanade, my boob&artistically-inclined comrade :,) ) and attractive young lady without being portrayed as Miss Fanservice or objectified. Granted the whole series is an example of this.
    I had very little doubts Taichi would win (at least here in this corner of the fandom he can have a break and be the fiiiirst and rewarded XD ), but I'm extra glad to see Kanade up there close to the podium.


  8. I actually thought Sudo did pretty well, considering.

    As to Taichi being initially hated, the record will show (and you can check) that I was one of the ones defending him right from the very beginning. In the context of the situation and his age, I thought the most telling thing was that he was decent enough to feel regret at what he'd done.

  9. e

    I don't need to check, I read it it all already back then :> (told you I'm a loyal lurker ). Ditto on Asuki… I always check the Chihayafuru thread there thanks to Sol Falling and hyperborealis analysis of the poems :).
    And yes, the seeds of redemption/change were alreday there at the beginning.

  10. A

    I like both Arata and Taichi, followed by the Queen and Chihaya. It's really hard to choose…. Taichi winning was expected. He suffered so much that he would win out of female sympathy votes alone, if not helped by good-looking votes… But I still think Arata will be the male lead…He just need to show up more >__>

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