NoitaminA Titles Through Fall Revealed

NoitaminA has revealed its lineup for Summer and Fall.

We already knew that Moyashimon was returning for summer, of course.  I’m pleased to see a 5 year-old alternative series get a sequel, though truth be told I wasn’t a huge fan of the original.  It’s stablemate will be Natsuyuki Rendezvous, an adaptation of a short (4 volumes) josei manga about a young man who works at a florists because he’s in love with the owner, only to discover that her dead soul-mate is haunting the place.  I don’t know the manga but I’ll never say josei on NoitaminA is a bad thing, and the preview looks quite good.

For Fall, we have two series – Robotics;Notes (rumored to be Production I.G.) and Psycho-pass.  Of the latter we basically know nothing, except that the PV is pretty much a still shot of a big gun.  Of the former things are also sketchy, but the salient point is that it’s a new game from the folks who brought us Steins;Gate and it’s about a robotics club under threat of being disbanded.  It’s certainly rare to see an anime announced when the game won’t even be released until 6/28, but based on S;G I think there’s every reason to suspect this will be good.  Hopefully it will be two cours.

On balance, this seems to continue what I see as a positive trend represented by the Spring season’s Tsuritama and Sekamichi no Apollon.  I see no overtly commercial series on among the four announced, and while none of them immediately strikes me as 100% relevant to my interests they still seem to represent something consistent with the NoitaminA mandate.



  1. A

    Hmm … Natsuyuki Rendezvous kinda picques my interest a little.


    Other than that immediately next season Tsuritama looks a little more interesting at first glance for me than Sekamichi no Apollon, but I feel the latter has great potential as a show. I guess for me the "turn-off" is the subject of Jazz music, which I have never enjoyed. Maybe it will be like Another – great show overall but with a subject matter that isn't my cup of tea? We'll see….

    – Flower

  2. As a lover of jazz, I have to ask – what have you listened to? It's such an umbrella term that I often groan when I hear it spoken of generically. I know not every music is for everybody, but I love many types of jazz and it's rarely a topic covered in anime.

    I tend to agree, Tsuritama does look a little more interesting going in – but I have high hopes for both, and I love the new Sekamichi trailer.

  3. A

    Kinda hard question to answer, b/c most of my exposure to Jazz music in general has not been "methodical" … and of course! Since most every piece that I have come across either on the radio or in movies or other sources has not captured my interest. I could not tell you artists or groups or specific songs, sadly. I should mention that it does not really evoke revulsion in me, just mostly indifference and a shrugging of the shoulders. Could just be my personal taste or what not.

    That being said, everything else about Sekamichi looks VERY interesting to me. Everything. So I will likely watch it and either just "endure" the Soundtrack and perhaps come to a new found appreciation of a new type of music?

    Who knows?

    In any event I will prolly give both of them a try. 🙂

    – Flower

  4. I recommend you listen to the album "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis, and perhaps a really good "Best of" Charlie Parker collection. If it's still a "no" after that, I'll excuse you!

  5. j

    Two titans, but the universe of jazz is large, so Flower might also try other artists (John Coltrane or Dave Brubeck, maybe). I tend toward Eberhard Weber and other ECM-ish stuff, but that doesn't fit with a 1966 setting.

    Anime with some jazz: Ghost Hound, Baccano, Cowboy Bebop (duh).

  6. Don't forget that Trane is on Kind of Blue – along with Bill Evans and Cannonball Adderly, among others. Though it's Miles' group, the lineup is basically an all-star team.

  7. s

    I've already read five chapters of Natsuyuki Rendezvous and I think it's very good. It's definitely the type of show that's perfectly suitable for noitaminA.

  8. d

    Really nothing to blog on in this week eh, enzo?
    Whats Pyscho pass about? And… Robotic notes…. how long i have waited for this! Got to wait a bit longer it seems

  9. Symphogear finale, as soon as its subbed…

    No one knows about Psycho-pass is about. We know there's a gun. That's it.

  10. e

    Enzo… if it's a dead week you can always sample Rose of Versailles (episode #19 if I can suggest one. Osamu Dezaki – R.I.P. him – took the reins as series director from that point. And oh boy didn't it show *starry eyes*). Jus' sayin' :p.

    Thank you for further NoitaminA news. Moyashimon is among my favourites (I find those talking bacteria irresistible and I like the crack ) and Natsuyuki among the Spring+ series seems pretty suitable for the block.
    Hopefully any of the announced titles will turn out better than GC XD.

  11. S

    Pscyho-Pass… is that what they gave the writers of Guilty Crown?

  12. t

    T fall looks like "well spring and summer aren't gonna bring us any cash so we better go after otakus in the fall"

    Doesn"t mean I mind.

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