New Minami-ke Anime Announced

EDIT: 4th season officially confirmed! No details on studio or director yet.

Now this is exciting – the long-rumored announcement of a new anime adaptation of Minami-ke looks like it was true.  Not much detail in this snippet slipped into a character song bundled with the manga, but “I hope that this will on television” has a nice ring to it!  It predates my time as a blogger, but I was a big fan of Minami-ke from the very beginning – the second and third seasons were inconsistent but way better than many would have you believe, and this first was pure genius.  Here’s hoping they bring back director Ohta Masahiko, who directed the first season (as well as Mitsudomoe, among other series).  As you know, “Needs more Mako-chan.”



  1. v

    F*** yeah best news I heard this year.

  2. S

    Funny how you just mentioned Mako-chan in last week's Haganai's post ;D
    I wish Mitsudomoe would get a third season too.

  3. Indeed, that occurred to me too, Seishun – coincidence, but still. As for Mitsudomoe, I don't think that's gonna happen as for whatever reason, that show was just never popular.

  4. C

    Minami-ki!! D:

  5. P

    You blog for the new Minami ke season but not for the Hidamari Sketch one. Shame on you.

  6. Don'r be a hater – we can't all like the same stuff.

  7. s

    If Minami-ke is finally getting a second season then that's the best news I've heard in a very long time.

  8. Well technically, it would be a fourth season!

  9. P

    May the fury of a thousand raging nyan cats fall on you.


  10. I

    Awesome Haruka and crew are back. I thought the second season wasn't that funny and the third still wasn't as good as the first but the fact that its back is great for fans of comedy.


  11. B


    Wait, there was a third season of this? It must have aired during one of my infrequent breaks from anime, I better download that right the hell now.

  12. o

    Thanks for the awesome news! I've loved the series very much. Can't wait already!

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