Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 11

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Well, what do you know – just like that, the magic is (mostly) back.

Compared to figuring out comedy, alchemy must surely be easy.  Iron into gold?  Forget it – try telling me why one thing is funny and the other isn’t.  I can speculate on why I’ve laughed only intermittently over the last month’s worth of Danshi Koukousei and pretty much non-stop this week, but it’s like trying to catch fog in a goldfish net.  I do feel as if this week’s ep returned to a format more like the early ones – slightly longer skits that relied on satire and clever punchlines rather than excessively on physical comedy and unbelievably esoteric payoffs that required too much analysis.  But that’s just spitballing, really.

I will say that I think Hidenori – while arguably the best character in the cast – has become overexposed.  The problem is that his chapters are basically all variations on the same gag, and using him so constantly has dulled the impact of the material that features him.  That said, that was less of a problem this week as those skits were quite sharp.  He was featured early and often – first, in a typically awkward teen boy/father (Koyama Rikiya) conversation over a rather demented game of catch.  In vintage fashion the “key” was in the payoff – all the guys were locked out of the house and Mom was away on a trip (why else would either of them want to play catcher with each other?).   I also liked the new twist on Literary Girl with a new Literary Girl – who was thinking exactly what Hidenori thought she was thinking when he accidentally sat next to her on the riverside.  And then the real LG showed up to defend her turf

There was yet more Hidenori in the “Kick the Can” sketch, featuring yet more Mitsuo abuse.  Highlights for me were the same Yoshitake-as-Kurasawa gag being recycled three times (this falls under the “so stupid it’s funny” category for me) and again, the payoff – they broke Mitsuo’s model because they bought him a kit of the same figure for his birthday (a knockoff, natch).  At last a break from Hidenori in the next number, featuring Takahiro (Morikubo Showtaro) and his unnamed friend (Suwabe Junichi) discussing what makes a girl cute (some of the best satire in the show since early days) and follows the DKnN formula with the big payoff, Ringo’s usual lack of self-awareness (and yes, she is damn cute). 

I didn’t get too much out of the love letter sketch, though the girl who gets off by moving away from guys on the train did make me LOL a few times, especially when Yoshitake turned the tables.  Hidenori steps back into the spotlight for the capper, which came dangerously close to expressing real feeling for a show about high school boys, but saved itself with a cynical finish.  Pretty nice job capturing the nuance of male friendship in this one (though naturally, no mention of Tadakuni).  Finally, “Conflict”, the Funky Girls sketch, confirms that Habara indeed remains by far the scariest of the trio and that even her loud and abrasive friends are smart enough to back off when the monster is awakened.  As for Tadakuni, well – he does appear in the preview and apart from a Sakura, he’s all that appears in the preview – so at least his absence is going to be part of the joke in the finale, if not his presence.

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  1. K

    Ringo-chan = cute. And Yuuki Aoi makes sure of that.

    Koyama Rikiya can be an awesome hunk when he plays badass guys (see Fate Zero), but his soothing voice can also be extremely hilarious in comedy series like these.

    The new LG is credited as "Overly Self-Conscious Girl", as she's always thinking too much of how people think about her.

    Though OSCG appeared late, her two sketches this week were the funniest.

    First she ends up getting chased down by a furious LG for "digging" into her guy (albeit by accident).

    Next, Yoshitake cooly taught her a lesson in not to ignore other guys. (Gotta love the way he just cooly tags her, causing her to get all self-conscious, and then stand up again). XD

    Poor Mitsuo, always getting bullied. First his Zaku gets replaced by a cheap Dom, then he gets set-up (by Motoharu) as the culprit of the "Love Letter Prank".

    And finally there's the discovery that Habara doesn't have a bottom line when it comes to combat, as fitting of the name "Arch-Demon".

    Oh and poor Tadakuni didn't even have a face appearance this episode (only being heard in voiceovers in the pre-OP sketch).

    All in all, this penultimate episode was a return to form for DHSB. Here's to it ending with a bang.

  2. d

    Ringo is cute!!
    And wearing a cap makes you automatically Kara?!? Lol.

  3. B

    <3 Literary Girl but I have to say the highlight for me this week was the kick the can sketch. I was pretty much rolling on the floor the whole time.

  4. k

    For me my favourite part was Yoshitake's little annoyances of Hidenori.

  5. I

    This episode had me laughing from the tongue-twister and the first skit was so funny! And then came the "thank you" the sponsor.
    "normal: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou wa goran no sponsor no teikyou de ookurishimasu… (to become: …no teikyou de ookina kuri no ki no shita de") lol.

    I was surprised that the father called Yuusuke as "Yuusuke-san". Hmmm… *ponders* But anyways, I would kill to have this combination to be my family members – Koyama Rikiya as the father, Sakurai Takahiro and Sugita Tomokazu as the brothers. Ahh… such a bliss!

    Can't believe so many series will end next week… *sniffs*

  6. S

    I love this kind of shows. They're such a relief from the ones you got to focus on every episode. It'd be missed. I hope next season will have some random comedy like this one ^^

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