Amagami SS+ plus – 09

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Only one more ep till Haruka.  Only one more ep till Haruka…

I’ll be brief – I tried, but Sae-chan isn’t for me.  I don’t like Konno Hirmoi’s baby doll performance, I don’t like Nakato Jouji’s fairy tale narration, and I don’t like Junichi when he’s with her.  Plus,  I see absolutely no romantic chemistry to this couple at all – seeing them together just feels wrong.  So rather than dwell on it, I’ll chalk it up to “tastes vary” and leave the Sae fans to enjoy her arc without me bothering them.

At least AIC was smart enough to save the best for last…



  1. d

    At least AIC was smart enough to save the best for last…

    Yeah, for the first season at least. 😛

  2. b

    I like you 🙂

  3. b

    *plays episode 9*
    *sees Sae in bear outfit being filmed for who knows what reason*
    Can I skip this?

    "At least AIC was smart enough to save the best for last…"
    That was last season 😛
    Though I was glad they didn't make me wait for 5+ months for this season so yeah…
    No offense though.

  4. B

    Haruka… Haruka… Haruka…

    I can make it, just have to summon my reserves of strength to power through one more. Sae is BORING, in my opinion, and I look forward to her arc being over so the TRUE heroine of this series can shine once more.

  5. A

    If they mess up Haruka I can see the world burning.

  6. I

    I don't like Sae, but imagine how epic Nakata Jouji would be if he was in Haruka's arc.
    "the boy saw his girlfriend lift her skirt and ask for a panty change" said Nakata Jouji with a straight face.

  7. Eh, I try to be open-minded but it's all Haruka with this series, not even close…

  8. b

    I love Itou Shizuka's voice, it's just heavenly(currently watching 4 shows with her in the cast). And I also like Haruka, the carefree and playful senpai. It's just that I prefer Tsukasa more. I like her tough demeanor and her soft side as well. Worth the effort to get to see her opening up.
    To each his own I guess.

    No one planning to discuss the episode? lol

  9. A

    "At least AIC was smart enough to save the best for last…"

    Here here. Couldn't agree more 😀

    But hey I actually like Sae too. Though this season has been kind of lack luster with keeping me entertained. I only really liked Tsukasa arc and bits and pieces from the others. And yeah they better no screw up Haruka's arc. Go out with a bang! 😉

    I know we won't see it on tv but you know. I really hope the BDs have specials for Risa and possibly Miya. I'd also like to see a special where Umehara finally gets some. The man deserves it.

  10. d

    I personally loved the narrator bit. The change of pace was a defining factor. And the bear costume sure was cute. Although, their relationship after a year still has not changed much. Shonen where is your testerone?

  11. Fingernails on a blackboard – both Sae and the narrator…

  12. d

    Argh the pain through my heart.
    I seem to be the minority though since i did not particularly like Haruka. Her character was just plain weird. She is a good match for Junichi that is for certain. But in RL i would stay clear of gals like her.

  13. J

    This Arc makes Junichi look like a pedo. Not that he's too old, but Saya is just too "young." She just gives off a 5 year old vibe. I hate it, it's uncomfortable ahaha

  14. S

    Haha… not a big fan of Sae either but the episode was surprisingly enjoyable most thanks to the awesome Narrator!

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