Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Anu Natsu Girl?

Who's your favorite Ano Natsu girl?

A tie?? Yes, Ichika – who’d surged to an early lead – made a late rally to tie Remon. I was surprised to see Kanna place 4th with all the love she gets in forums and such. Still – the vote was so close among the top four girls that it says a lot about how great all these characters are. Thanks for participating!



  1. M

    I was having trouble deciding who to vote until I realized you can pick more than one girl. Ichika, Kanna and Mio it is.

    It seems Remon got tons of votes the last day. I could have sworn she had settled in fourth place.

  2. C

    D: Lemon-senpai didn't win !! D:

    Offtopic :
    Anyway are you going to blog steins;gate unaired episode Enzo-san. :3

  3. As soon as its available in subbed form.

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