Amagami SS+ plus – 06

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It would certainly be a stretch to call this episode exciting, but you could pretty much say the same about this entire season of Amagami Lite.

There’s a reason most romances and romantic comedies have some sort of conflict – a love triangle, forced separation, illness…  To be honest, it isn’t all that thrilling to watch two people in love happily spending time together.  Since the first season did all the heavy lifting – going through the process of figuring out whether these couples would be couples at all, and then generally showing them doing the deed – the second has mostly been left as a sort of after-image, like seeing the scenery you’ve been driving through all day when you close your eyes at night.  It’s nice, but it lacks a certain something when compared to the real experience.

It’s a good thing I like Nanasaki Ai – and Junichi when he’s with her – because otherwise, I suspect these last two eps would have been torture.  The drama has been pretty thin all season, but this arc was really threadbare in the plot department, with just the overwrought “drama” of Junichi being away at cram camp on Christmas Eve.  It’s curious that despite the fact that the couples have already formed, AIC have chosen not to have any sex this season – with as little action and drama as there’s been, I think it could have provided a useful spark.  Ai is so nice she should be insufferable – a dutiful onee-san, a responsible club president, an adoring girlfriend – and Junichi is at his kindest and most responsible when he’s with her, too.  For whatever reason I don’t hate the two of them as a couple (she’s my second-favorite girl) but the last two eps have been pretty plain yogurt.  About the only real spark came from Umehara’s hapless quest for a date and the coincidental meeting between the happy couple and Takahashi-sensei as she was leaving a love hotel, presumably in a post-coital glow.

In a strange way, the Rihoko arc might have been the most interesting so far this season despite the fact that she’s my least favorite of the three girls so far, because it was open-ended.  There was real uncertainty about whether she and Junichi would end up together, an uncertainty that’s lacking in all the other pairings.  Next week we have osananajimi #2 in Kaoru, who was pleasant enough during the first season, and has the virtue of giving as good as she gets when it comes to Junichi.  I’m not sure what to expect from her arc but I suspect it’s likely to have a little more boras comedy than the first three this season.  As I never found the two of them to have much romantic chemistry, that would be a welcome development.

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  1. A

    Yeah – I know what you mean about the odd feel between Junichi and Kaoru. For me it was not so much as a lack of chemistry as I felt it was a type of chemistry I could not find places inside myself to relate to, somehow.

    Good insight about Junichi's actions when he is with Ai (to switch gears here) – he is indeed very responsible and somehow I felt as if she helped Junichi to best "come into his own". That may contribute to the reasons why I like Ai as much as I do.

    But you know, other than Rihoko finally getting some sort of conclusion I did not expect anything else out of the other heroines for this series – I expected it to be exactly what it has been so far: a re-visiting of Junichi, the heroines, and where the story went after season one.

    I myself am fine with that, but I can easily see how others might not find it terribly interesting.

    – Flower

  2. d

    Kaoru is not an child hood friend. Middle schools is too old to be considered childhood.
    Teacher went for a massage not anything else
    I am a phantom thief who stole your friends. Muahaha

  3. S

    Plain yogurt indeed. Thank god for Miya and her loves to big boobs

  4. P

    >>To be honest, it isn’t all that thrilling to watch two people in love happily spending time together.

    Disagreed. In a sense that's what a large part of true slice of life is. And I enjoy every second of it.

    But I don't even watch this show so maybe I shouldn't comment 🙂

  5. d

    I find it thrilling.
    @Enzo: guess our definition differs.

  6. If you're finding Amagami Lite thrilling, it definitely differs! Nothing wrong with that.

  7. Middle school can still be osananajimi, sorry.

    Proto, I love me some good slice of life, but slice of life and romance are two different kinds of series. A romance where the couple are already together, getting along great and have nothing really happening to them isn't exactly thrilling, at least in this context.

  8. T

    I almost feel as if this shouldn't even count as a separate season. If you stitched on each arc to the end of each route from the 1st season, it would feel more complete than the current 2 season split.

    I feel as if this was the most romance-oriented out of the arcs so far, though I guess Rihoko comes close.

  9. s

    I must admit seeing these two episodes gave me serious doubts they did the deed.

  10. Really? I thought that was pretty implicit in the nude hot-spring frolicking.

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