Weekly Digest: 1/13/12 – High School D x D, Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

[SubDESU-Katana-subs]_High_School_DxD_-_02_(AT-X 1280x720 x264 AAC)[A8569D08].mkv_snapshot_00.20_[2012.01.13_23.01.22] [SubDESU-Katana-subs]_High_School_DxD_-_02_(AT-X 1280x720 x264 AAC)[A8569D08].mkv_snapshot_01.33_[2012.01.13_23.02.35] [SFWhine]_Last_Exile_-Fam,_The_Silver_Wing-_-_12_[720p][3411514B].mkv_snapshot_05.55_[2012.01.13_23.32.18]

I wish I had better things to say about both these series, as I really want to like them more than I do – especially “Fam”.

High School D x D – 02

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The second episode of HSDxD didn’t do a whole lot more for me than the first one did.  Which is to say, it threw so many gags at me that a few of them connected, but generally the impression I’m left with is that this is all a pretty think pretext to deliver as much fanservice as possible.  Right now I’d rank it about on a par with fellow nipple-fixated Seikon no Qwaser, which held my interest for a few eps before I tired of it.  If anything SnQ has a somewhat more interesting premise, though it was also more brazen and mean-spirited on the whole.  I like the fact that Rias isn’t sadistic, which makes a nice change from the usual in series like this.  But the plot doesn’t grab me and Isse isn’t an especially likeable protagonist.  Not enough here to blog unless things uptick quite substantially.

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 12

[SFWhine]_Last_Exile_-Fam,_The_Silver_Wing-_-_12_[720p][3411514B].mkv_snapshot_07.05_[2012.01.13_23.53.51] [SFWhine]_Last_Exile_-Fam,_The_Silver_Wing-_-_12_[720p][3411514B].mkv_snapshot_09.57_[2012.01.13_23.53.54] [SFWhine]_Last_Exile_-Fam,_The_Silver_Wing-_-_12_[720p][3411514B].mkv_snapshot_21.42_[2012.01.13_23.39.20]

OK, did I miss the scene where it was explained why Millia can speak Russian fluently?

No series this season (or last) makes me as sad as this one.  It’s such a waste – Last Exile is a fantastic mythology.  The imagery is beautiful, the music is spectacular, and for all it’s blemishes there’s lots of interesting stuff to chew on in the concept of this series.  But the dialogue and character development is so painfully bad that it can be difficult to watch at times, and for me that’s about as grievous a flaw as a show can have.  You can tell there were smart “Exile” veterans on the planning committee, but why they decided to turn this premise over to a pedestrian writer is beyond me.  Gonzo, you’re really breaking my heart here.  I fear I may have to drop “Fam” even in digest form, as I’m having a hard time getting past the roadblocks it throws in my path.

I am curious to see what the explanation for Glacies seemingly being an all-female nation is, assuming it’s something other than yet more otaku pandering by Gonzo.  I’m curious, too, to see if Claus and Lavie show up – though at this point I think I’d rather remember them as they were in the first series (or at least the “Hourglass” manga).  I just don’t know if that curiosity is enough to keep me watching week after week of dialogue that makes me cringe. 



  1. b

    Can't say that I told you so but I told you so 😉

    That fallen angel at the last minutes wasn't in the novels and they didn't stress that it's a 3-way battle and not just the fallen angels are enemies. And they're really making it that Issei is a target when he was forgotten by the enemies after he died the first time.
    This part was really boring to read in the novels and it was more of just a setup. Things pick up a bit after that when the Sacred Gear shows its applications.
    Guess you'll be dropping it now in your blogging but that's okay. There's still RC so yeah.
    Dat ED is so worth watching this :))

  2. Tell me you did. Though I won't blog for now, I'll probably watch a couple more eps to see when if it picks up.

  3. d

    I like this series¡¡

  4. g

    Millia being able to speak Russian (or Glaciesen) fluently can be attributed to her status as a princess. It isn't that surprising for a princess to be taught the languages of other major nations.

    Although I wonder how the heck Dio managed to catch up with the Urbanus when last we saw him he was hammer and tongs against Alauda in the sinking Silvius. Seeing Alviss so scared of the Guilder assassins also gave me a really bad feeling that we might never see Claus or Lavie ever again.

  5. Doesn't the fact that Glacies is so secretive that it never allowed outsiders inside and no one supposedly knew anything about it contradict that theory, though?

  6. M

    Glacies only became isolationist in the ten years after the previous Augusta's assassinatio, which means that they'd LIKELY had interactions with their neighbors prior to that, particularly Turan, which has been around for at least 118 years.

  7. r

    well glacies become so secretive since Farahnaz Augusta death at grand race that's Dian explaination to fam when they on onsen together.

    so if Millia being able to speak other country languages is not that surprising like gandalf8 say.because glacies is open to outsider before grand race and of course other country know glacies language.

    as for this episode it's not to bad for me,yes I disappointed they don't explain what happen to silvius and the crew but this episode is the beginning of bond glacies with outsider ( dian and fam ) and also maybe with this event and next event when ades finaly attack glacies,hope it will lead to Anotory and glacies relationship become ally.

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