Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! – 02

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How is it that a long-lost Adachi Mitsuru manuscript has been discovered and animated, and I wasn’t told??

I certainly didn’t see that coming.  What a dramatic – literally and figuratively – turn from the premiere.  I was already of two minds about this series and of the opinion that it everything came down to which direction the story decided to go, but that’s even more true now.  I can hardly overstate how dangerous a minefield the series is treading through at the moment.  Needless to say, only time will tell whether it comes through unscathed.

The thing is, I actually liked this episode a lot.  It will inevitably be compared to Usagi Drop, and it goes almost without saying that it won’t hold up well to that comparison.  It was nowhere near as nuanced and realistic, the acting wasn’t on the same level and the overall premise what a lot more convoluted.  Nevertheless, while it was heavy-handed and a little manipulative I found the drama pretty effective.  I liked the parallel between Yuuta’s situation with Yuri and what happened with the three girls, and I think the emotion when the tragedy happened was pretty genuine.  Of course it’s utterly preposterous to suppose the relatives (or the authorities) would let three girls that age go live with a 19 year-old male student two of them aren’t even related to in a one-room apartment.  You could reasonably ask why none of the relatives might be willing to keep the girls together, or why Yuuta didn’t simply move in with the girls in the house.  But I’m OK with that aspect of the fantasy, because this isn’t Usagi Drop or Adachi and I wouldn’t hold it to that standard.

But my goodness, where do we go from here?  I was always a little uncomfortable with the potential that this would be a heavy fanservice show, and with the open declaration that it wants to be taken seriously the stakes have been raised, and how.  Even here there was a little service, not too much, but given the situation as depicted this week if this show goes down the path of exploitation even a little I think it’s going to be quite offensive.  The drama was fairly well-done, but it can’t just be tossed into the trunk and forgotten as the series turns into a soft-core loli hentai like Ru-Kyu-Bu.  If Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! decides to be a straight-ahead comedy-drama that deals with the four leads coping with this odd situation they find themselves in, based on this week I think it has a shot to succeed.  But if it goes the other way, after this development, well – I don’t even want to think about it.

[HorribleSubs] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.49_[2012.01.17_22.39.03] [HorribleSubs] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.58_[2012.01.17_22.02.00] [HorribleSubs] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.05_[2012.01.17_22.02.07]
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  1. d

    Dropping this tyvm

  2. A

    I find it somewhat interesting how differently played this series's 14-year-old tsundere is from a certain other series's Misaka Mikoto, at least so far.

  3. F

    Well,last I checked Sora isn't a level-5 electromaster with 10,000 clones of herself running around who were being used in a horrific, inhumane experiment.

    Other than them being roughly the same age and having vaguely similar personality traits (and that is really stretching it), what is the basis for this comparison?

  4. A

    No, nothing more than my personal feelings for them being so very different. But then I've read and watched nearly all of the Index/Railgun media available, and only seen two episodes of this.

  5. F

    Yes, but why of every tsundere (and Sora's a really weaksauce tsundere) in anime, what in the world caused you to reach to MISAKA MIKOTO!?

  6. A

    Nothing particularly conscious, just that my mind drew the link automatically. My train of thought: It's interesting how Sora is set up as a tsundere lead, but the fact that the age difference between her and the main character is somewhat off-putting. Hmm…what series has a 14-year old tsundere who is actually a viable romantic interest for the main character? and then I thought of Mikoto, for whom Touma is only a year older instead of five. And then I thought it was interesting.

    Because most of the time, I pay attention to relative ages, I don't really register absolute ages of the characters in shows. But then they said their ages, so I unconsciously tried to compare the characters. Unlike most, I did know Mikoto's age offhand, so I thought of her. There's also their vaguely (very vaguely) similar physical appearances.

  7. A

    yea read this comment "Ciel had a brother? "

    but back to series itself just went fun, heart warming, & good till "plane" indeed now slice of life drama on it.

    yet after watching 2eps now i'm stick to it to end.

    also yet it been license by sentai indeed this really deep down my gut feeling tell me this series must be dub.

    really it just got be dub material to watch.

  8. K

    I knew that he was gonna end up with the 3 kids. My only question is why they would move into his little studio apartment when they were living in a big house? Parent dying in a plane crash usually means life insurance kicks in and the house they are in is probably now paid for.

    I'm guessing he will have to drop out of college or get a couple jobs because 3 girls are gonna need stuff not to mention when one of them gets sick.

  9. P

    I'm pretty sure that the relatives who wanted to split them up claimed the house (with the rationale that it doesn't belong to Yuuta). It's about the only thing that makes sense.

  10. That would be pretty damn cold, though. How about we let the kids stay in the house until they're all in college, then sell it and spit the proceeds?

  11. d

    It does not belong to him. Most likely belongs to the children. But the children are to young, so it falls into the hands of their guardians. Which is why they all want the children but not all 3. 3 are too many. in house politics.
    At least that is what i think the law should be. Unless Japan is different and the estate falls into the hands of not the children but siblings?
    And Yuuta belongs to the female side of the family. he is a kid. and only blood related to 1 of the kids. the main family group is blood related to all 3 of the kids.

  12. I'm not talking about the law so much, dv, but about what's right. You'd think someone in the family would be willing to speak up for the kids here – not Yuuta, but an adult with real influence.

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