Amagami SS+ plus – 01

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This is a sequel I’m not at all sure was necessary, but at least I’d say the first episode was pretty consistent with the first season quality-wise.

OP: “Check My Soul” by azusa

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While I found S1 of Amagami SS to be fairly average for the most part, what set it apart was the relatively unique omnibus format the anime used, with each girl taking a four-episode turn in the spotlight.  Besides the novelty factor, this provided some interesting differences with the typical VN adaptation.  I enjoyed the way Junichi was portrayed as a significantly different character in each arc, for example.  There were downsides too, namely that the watchability of the show varied wildly depending on the girl being focused on (I know it’ll likely be a chore to sit through a Sae arc again). 

This time around the show is only one cour, so we’re getting two episodes per girl instead of four, and the order seems to have been roughly reversed.  Given the shortened length we also seem top have generic OP and EDs this time, rather than customized ones for each heroine.  Once again the two generally recognized top girls are the bookends, this time with Tsukasa batting leadoff and Haruka going last.  Haruka was by far my personal favorite, not just because of her own character but because Junichi himself seemed most interesting in that arc.  That means we start with the girl who seemed to be the fan’s choice, though she always came off as a little bit ruthless and hard-hearted for my tastes.  Nevertheless, Tsukasa is an interesting girl with a whiff of danger about her, and a good choice to open the series.

Looks like each two-episode arc will pick up roughly a month after each heroine’s arc ended.  Politics is at the heart of the first ep, with Tsukasa running for Class President.  She’s still pretty much leading Junichi around by the nose – he’s fully in “uke” mode with Ayatsuji, though always ecchi.  Sae is running too, goaded into doing so by Miya in an attempt to cure her shyness, in what’s no doubt a foreshadowing of her arc.  There’s also a doofus whose over fondness for porn mags is his downfall, but the real threat is Kurosawa Noriko (Tauchi Natsuko) who seems to have designs on both the presidency and Junichi.  Her Dad is in the City Council and her initial role seems to be general villain.  She names Junichi as her VP candidate as a sort of perceived confession, and when Tsukasa erases her early lead in the polls, even stages a “random” meeting with Junichi that results in a kiss that’s witnessed by Tsukasa.

I’m not sure what Kurosawa’s ultimate goal is here, the office or the guy, but her inclusion gives us more of a “conventional” conflict-resolution plot than we had in the first season.  It was all played pretty broadly, right up to the sinister music and the secret meetings between Kurosawa and her evil underlings, and I wonder if Amagami isn’t better served sticking to romantic misunderstandings and situation comedy.  But you have a fundamentally different scenario this season in that the arc starts with the relationship already in place, so you’ve got to generate a different scenario to finish on and do it six times.  This is pretty much all anime-original territory from my understanding, so it’ll be interesting to see what series writer Kimura Noboru can come up with. 

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ED: “Nikuhaku” (告白; Confession) by azusa

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  1. K

    I was looking forward to this. My favorite girls were Haruka, Sae, and Rihoko. The girl I liked the least is the one featured in this 1st episode of the new series. She is too driven and scary to make a future mate. You can't be happy with a girl like that unless you are a total doormat and don't mind being stepped on all the time.

    Considering all thats going on with the elections and whatnot he is an idiot to go see this girl by himself. He must be the only guy on the planet that couldn't see a setup coming.

    Well out of the 4 series I have seen this new season I liked this one and Natsume. Dropped Kill Me Baby and Recorder (lol 3 minute series screw that).

  2. b

    Well I for one like Tsukasa the most out of all the girls. Even if she is a tough one, she still needs someone to lean on when she's feeling weak. I can't help but be attracted to that. I'm glad that she's the one featured first.
    And I hope this drama thing will be resolved in a good and reasonable fashion that has an impact considering that there's only 2 episodes for each girl.

  3. U

    I liked how the balance between comedy, romance and drama subtly changed to fit the new scenario were the relationship already started. It felt very natural to me, and so far, it is just as enjoyable as the first season.

    In my opinion, Haruka > Tsukasa > Ai > Kaoru > Sai > Rihoko.

  4. F

    (Stupid back button on mouse, now have to remember what I typed…)

    Anyways I found that guy and the porn mags pretty convenient. I mean considering there are two ruthless girls involved in this election (minus Sae) doesn't anyone think that this might have been set up? Maybe the guy was that stupid, but I'm not so sure about that.

    Liked Haruka a bit more, but Tsukasa was right up there so fine with either of them starting and ending a series. Think it's a good move to start and end strong.

    Though not sure what will happen with these 2 episodes per girl. A bit more would have been nice.

    The Tachibana power is rising! Pretty much no matter who wins they rise to power.

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