Usagi Drop – 3.5

[Oyatsu] Usagi Drop 3.5 (1920x1080 BD AAC) [3BD8DFF6].mkv_snapshot_02.18_[2011.12.02_16.40.51] [Oyatsu] Usagi Drop 3.5 (1920x1080 BD AAC) [3BD8DFF6].mkv_snapshot_02.51_[2011.12.02_16.41.32] [Oyatsu] Usagi Drop 3.5 (1920x1080 BD AAC) [3BD8DFF6].mkv_snapshot_04.17_[2011.12.02_16.42.59]

“Dear Santa Claus”

Another delightful short visit from Rin and Daikichi, this time themed around Christmas.  I like the fact that these little extras don’t worry too much about story, but rather depict simple scenes from daily life.  The best part of this one is watching Daickichi figuring things out in his first Christmas as a parent.  I hope we see Kouki show up in the next volume – the first two specials have been great, but long as warmth and short on humor.  A little dose of Kouki’s mischief wouldn’t come amiss.


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  1. S

    Another great mini episode, noitaminA's just not the same without its "heart"
    Daikichi such a thoughtful dad. I would have opted the easy way out and gotten Rin story books instead ;P

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