Boku Wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 12 (End)

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As series finales go, Haganai signs off with one that was about as low-key and noncommittal as a finale can get.

I’m operating under the basic assumption that we’re likely to see more of this series fairly soon, be it as another TV season or perhaps an OVA, and it certainly feels like AIC had that in mind when they chose this way to end the series.  Very little was really resolved – Yukimura’s gender remains a mystery (though not to me, especially) and there’s barely a ripple in the romance pool as far as Kodaka, Sena and Yozora are concerned.  The final episode was very much just another episode, albeit with a slightly more serious tone engendered by the fact that the truth of Yozora’s identity finally dawned on Kodaka.  The first half amounted basically to a recap episode, which is never a welcome site but least of all in a final episode.

The most interesting element of the episode was the revelation that Yozora started the Neighbors Club expressly to have a chance to hang with Kodaka again, and to jog his memory of their childhood friendship.  That was always sort of hanging in the air, but it hasn’t really been addressed head-on the way it was here, and that was the payoff for the recap.  Among other things, it gives Yozora yet another reason to resent Sena, who represents an intrusion on what she thought would be here private time with Taka.  Yozora really is a pathetic soul, and I can’t quite bring myself to feel sorry for her for a couple of reasons.  Firstly that she vents her self-loathing outwards and treats people badly, and second that so much of her heartache is her own damn fault.  She couldn’t bring herself to tell Kodaka the truth when they were small, and she can’t bring herself to reveal her identity to him now that they’re teenagers.  I certainly don’t dislike her, but Yozora really needs to look inward and stop blaming other people for her problems.

The episode itself wasn’t long on  laughs, to be honest.  Rika is always good for a chuckle with her extreme ecchiness, but to be honest I thought the whole “Yozora is a hot dude” gag was overplayed.  She didn’t even really look like a guy – she just looked like herself with short hair.  But just the sight of her was enough to send Rika into the orbit of ecstasy, never mind once she browbeat her into putting on a boys uniform.  Apart from that, everyone else – even Sena – was pretty much vestigial and didn’t have a lot of opportunities for comedic gold.  I appreciate the fact that AIC didn’t go overboard in trying to make this episode a tearjerker – it wouldn’t have worked for me – but generally speaking the overall impression was, well…  Not much of an impression.  More thoughts coming up in the series review.

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  1. F

    Well, we did learn that Maria's current treatment is entirely her own fault.

  2. K

    It was the kind of weak open ending you get when they planning another season. I will continue to watch this series if they make another. Overall the series was pretty good and I looked forward to it each week.

  3. T

    Gotta say here that this episode truly did put a better light on Yozora. It shows that her antics DO have reason, although she can still be quite cruel. But Maria deserves it IMO, and Sena is not exactly an angel. For the most part, she's pretty cool with everyone else.

    The POV episode was almost needed, cause Yozora was getting some serious hate, some of it that was Biased imo.

    And at the end of the day we know one thing, Yozora still SHITS on UME when it comes to the likable department lol.

  4. F

    Considering that the series only covered the first three (and a bit) of 7 (and ongoing) novels, why would you expect anything "conclusive"?

  5. T

    There's the kind of ending they make when they're trying to sell a second season. That would be Kamisama Dolls, for instance. Kind of annoying, but not too bad.

    Then there's the sort of ending they make when they KNOW that they'll make another season. Like this. Which can just annoy the hell out of me.

    Oh well. I'll watch more when they make more.

  6. d

    I'm no longer mad at Yozora but instead just pity her because the only person in the club that notice it was her was Sena. Talk about a good friend that she constantly mistreats. I do wonder though, if a love triangle does emerge, how bad will Yozora treat Sena. I don't know, I just really like Sena despite her flaws. She just seems more honest and look at her drool in this episode at the thought of "eating" Kobato (<-my fav char in this show XD).

  7. S

    The finale didn't feel like an ending at all and I do hope we get to see more of Haganai. Kodaka's his usual indifferent self even after a rather big revelation and this is where his social awkwardness is most apparent. Sena's supporters should be happy because it doesn't seem like Yozora has the upper hand at all. I guess the jury is still out there on who would be the ultimate winner 🙂

  8. G

    @Tenchi Ryu

    I have to say that I agree with you. I think the focus on Yozora in this ep with help lessen the hate she's been getting.

    The reason Yozora still kicks the crap out of Ume in the likable department is because over the course the series, she actually developed and changed as a character and this episode went more in-depth to explain why she does the things she does.

    Ume on the other hand, has already had her time in the spotlight and her episode did nothing to really help her case in the eyes of those who hate her.(myself included) At the end of the day, she's still the same bland, unfunny and unneeded one-note character.

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