Weekly Digest: 11/6/11 – Shakugan no Shana III, Gundam AGE, Hunter x Hunter 2011

[Commie] Shakugan no Shana III - 05 [3AE17439].mkv_snapshot_07.05_[2011.11.05_16.07.32] [sage]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_AGE_-_05_[720p][10bit][BEE3501B].mkv_snapshot_11.39_[2011.11.06_11.58.58] [HorribleSubs] Hunter X Hunter - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.39_[2011.11.06_16.08.22]

Shakugan no Shana III – 05

[Commie] Shakugan no Shana III - 05 [3AE17439].mkv_snapshot_10.40_[2011.11.05_16.11.07] [Commie] Shakugan no Shana III - 05 [3AE17439].mkv_snapshot_12.19_[2011.11.05_16.13.02] [Commie] Shakugan no Shana III - 05 [3AE17439].mkv_snapshot_17.46_[2011.11.05_16.18.28]

Shana is certainly testing my memory.  All kinds of faces I haven’t seen for ages are turning up again, and it’s an effort to place them all in context as I frankly didn’t pay very close attention once the second season started to slide in quality.  Lamies is a fellow I remember well – the “good” crimson denizen who only consumes torches that are about to die out anyway – Shiro took a minute or two, but then I recalled that flashback arc as one of the best in the series.  As for Shana, she’s held prisoner by Yuji/Snake at his digs in the Crimson Realm, and fancy though they may be, it’s still a prison.  He’s blocked her powers with a sealing bracelet and cut a deal with Alastor to give him a look inside Bal Masque in return for his cooperation.  Margery is still out cold, Outlaw is not acknowledging Satou’s presence and things are generally a mess as Wilhelmina sets off to rescue Shana alone.  I’m still not exactly sure where everyone’s motivation lies here, but it does seem as if the new Yuji is not evil per se – there’s definitely a higher purpose to his actions, possibly an “end justifies the means” scenario.  I wonder if Yuji’s goodness has tempered the Snake’s megalomania and created a sort of altruistic fascist dictator of the Crimson Realm.  The fact that Lamies is willing to work with him suggests his purpose may be fundamentally positive, perhaps some sort of “Let’s end this endless war with the flame hazes!” model, but it’s too early to say.

Gundam AGE – 05

[sage]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_AGE_-_05_[720p][10bit][BEE3501B].mkv_snapshot_07.07_[2011.11.06_11.54.16] [sage]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_AGE_-_05_[720p][10bit][BEE3501B].mkv_snapshot_10.37_[2011.11.06_11.57.56] [sage]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_AGE_-_05_[720p][10bit][BEE3501B].mkv_snapshot_21.39_[2011.11.06_12.08.58]

This was the first episode of AGE that more or less focused on answering questions, rather than asking more of them.  We know a few things we didn’t before and a few we already suspected: Emily is a total wet rag, Grodek is a sneaky son of a bitch and Yurin was most likely a “Dweller of Eden”, based on the similarity she bears to new character Decil Galette (Takagaki Ayahi).  He’s the demon boy of the title – a red-haired imp who manufactures an “accident” with Flit a (riding a Segway, no less) after the Diva arrives on new colony Fardain.  In short order Decil charms his way onto the Diva, into the hangar, and promptly steals the Gundam when two UE’s attack the colony, piloting it better than Flit ever did and toying with the UE.  Just what these Eden folks are is still undetermined, but they seem to pack some sort of psychic charge in their touch and can obviously predict the future to some extent.  Meanwhile Grodek is about to be arrested for stealing the Diva, but digs up some dirt on the local Governor and later informs Emily that the entire Federation has gone rotten to the core.  And really, can Emily just go away?  Her whining and fretting is really starting to grate on my nerves, though I know she’s likely destined to be Flit’s wife and isn’t going anywhere.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 06

[HorribleSubs] Hunter X Hunter - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.58_[2011.11.06_16.03.40] [HorribleSubs] Hunter X Hunter - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.03_[2011.11.06_16.41.03] [HorribleSubs] Hunter X Hunter - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.23_[2011.11.06_16.15.05]

So this is the trend I’ve discovered so far – the entertainment value of an episode seems directly correlated to the amount of Hisoka in an episode. Of course, that’s based on a pretty small sample size. But last week was clearly the most interesting ep of Hunter x Hunter in my view, and this one – largely Hisoka-free – was not nearly so good. I’m not weighed down with the bias of comparing this series to the 1999 one, but the tone this week definitely felt lighter and less substantial. The new characters – gourmet hunters Menchi (Hirano Aya) and Buhara (Kanemaru Junichi) and Exam Committee Chairman Netero (Nagai Ichiro) didn’t really make much of an impact. Their Iron Chef exam challenge was fairly predictable, and Netero’s intervention afterwards felt oddly stilted and artificial. We had our requisite contributions to the body count in the re-exam, the hunt for spider eagle eggs, which was somewhat more interesting. And I do respect the notion that gourmets are accorded the same respect as any other hunter. I just didn’t find the episode as entertaining as the last one. In a long series like this you’ll have peaks and valleys, and H x H is clearly no exception to the rule. Hopefully things pick up next week as Netero appears ready to step into a more direct role.



  1. l

    On HxH 2011. I think I posted here this episode was going to be boring….but things will get MUCH better from now on, SERIOUSLY. Unless they cut out the awesome parts due to violence…

  2. I almost posted that I couldn't know whether this was simply a weaker chapter, or a weak adaptation.

  3. m

    They cut out the sushi part THEY CUT OUT THE SUSHI PART! Seriously that was the most entertaining part of the 2nd Exam and they CUT IT OUT! GE do yourself a favour and watch just that part from the old anime if nothing else.

    On the other hand the pigs got a cuteness upgrade. Guess I am starting to enjoy this new remake as generic shonen if not as something special like the old hunterxhunter.

  4. M

    Yeah, I'd have to say the Gourmet Hunter part is the weakest part of the entire exam. Even the first adaptation's take on it, sushi part and all, still bored me. It just isn't very interesting. At least, here, they blew through it in one episode. That's a plus.

    "So this is the trend I’ve discovered so far – the entertainment value of an episode seems directly correlated to the amount of Hisoka in an episode."

    HA! I'm inclined to agree with you.

  5. e

    enzo did you seen c3 episode 6 already?

  6. d

    @Enzo: Gundam Age: Emily constant worrying and over protectiveness makes her into a yandere stalker. she reverse rapes Flit.
    YurinXDemon kid = another kid
    Another kid X Flit's rape child = 3rd ten gundam pilot

    I am just spouting nonsense as this show is taking its toll on me

  7. K

    I'm hanging in there with Gundam hoping for a time warp soon. As an adult anime watcher I try to avoid little "kiddie" animes. Its bad enough we have a 10 year old that developed a robot and pilots it now this week we have a toddler just out of diapers taking the Gundam for a joy ride.

  8. He's 14, not 10!

    Elior, I did. I'm afraid it's still not doing it for me. I'm just not finding myself involved with the story or the characters.

  9. e

    @enzo i didnt find it in your reviews

  10. e

    @i found only episode 5 review of c3 not episode 6 review

  11. b

    Yeah I felt that the HxH episode was a bit weak. Would have been better if they ended the episode to the part where Menchi(Aya Hirano in my HxH?!) said they all failed like in the first version and Netero appearing would be for next episode. And no sushi D:

    Grodek is becoming much more interesting than the whole cast. He's up to something but I like to see what it is, even if it's no good.
    And I'm starting to share the sentiments of most that Emily is annoying. Usually I have a much higher tolerance but seeing her at the last part stalking Flit in a corner didn't do well for her image.

  12. m

    Hmm, well I guess I'm just a big fan of food anime, because this episode of Hunter entertained the hell outta me. It reminded me of Yakitate!! Japan, which was just as ridiculous and cheesy, but a heck of a lot of fun. I liked the turn to lighter stuff, since it suits the art style and characters pretty well. And it looks like there should be plenty of room for a mixture of slice-of-life/comedy aspects along with the more serious, centered plot.

    I guess I'll have to go to the original, since it seems I'm missing out on the sushi 🙂

  13. A

    this week's hxh did not do justice to the intent of the manga. disappointing 🙁

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