Funimation, Niconico Form Partnership

I thought I should post on this, as I think this has the potential to dramatically impact anime viewing in the US. In short, Niconico and Funimation have formed a licensing partnership, Funico, with Niconico taking over the streaming aspects and Funimation concentrating on DVD/BD distribution.

Here’s an article by a source I don’t consider entirely trustworthy, as he admits in his first paragraph that he was involved in the announcement. I’m not expert enough in the field to interpret all this, but two things jump to mind immediately. First: sucks to be Crunchyroll. And second, this worries me because Niconico’s streaming is, quite frankly, God-awful. I’d love to hear your take on this story. 



  1. C

    hmm. Another step for anime to be know in the world? I guess we will see what will happen.

    Oh the I'm getting a "bad request error 400" when I click the article link.

  2. Sorry – fixed the link, but ANN is down at the moment.

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