Fall 2011 – Schedule Update With Poll

As I’ve now seen every show I plan to this season and most of them at least twice, I thought it was a good time to touch base on where things stand in terms of blogging.

It’s been a pretty good start to the season, though there are an annoyingly large number of shows in the nebulous middle of the pack – right on the fence in terms of being blogworthy.  Here’s a very quick rundown of what the LiA schedule looks like:

  • Definitely Blogging: Last Exile (eventually), Mirai Nikki, Fate/Zero, Bakuman, Chihayafuru, UN-GO, Guilty Crown, Ben-To, Boku wa Tomodachi, Working’!!, Shinryaku!? Ika Musume.  Carried over: Mawaru Penguin Drum, Nurarihyon
  • Definitely Out: Horizon, Phi Brain, Maken-ki, Kimi to Boku
  • On the Bubble: Mashiro-iro Symphony, Gundam AGE, Hunter x Hunter 2011, C3, Majikoi, Shana III, Tamayura, Persona
  • Occasional Blogs: Hyouge Mono

By my reckoning, that’s already 13 series in the rotation, which is more than I intended.  It’s possible that a couple of those “definites” will drop out, but as it stands, I’m looking at probably one show max from the bubble pile.  If you’ve been reading my posts on those shows you know my thought process on the pluses and minuses of each.  There’s also the chance of doing digest posts on some shows, or possibly reviewing some only on a case by case basis, if particularly interesting developments occur.

For now, please feel free to share your input by voting in the poll over on the sidebar and/or adding your comments to this post.  I can’t promise I’ll go with majority (or plurality) opinion, but it’ll certainly be a consideration and I’m very interested to hear what you think.  You can also look forward to a more formal “Season Check-in” post in another week or two.



  1. M

    Personally, I'd be curious to see your opinions on Hunter x Hunter from here on out. The exam part is excellent, so I'm sure you'll like it. And the pacing is much faster this time around, compared to the first series.

    Also, Hisoka. =)

  2. m

    Add me to another one who's interested of your opinion of HxH. 🙂

  3. A

    What about Kimi to Boku?

  4. Whoops, forget that one. Dropped, I'm afraid.

  5. A

    I want to see your opinions on Mashiro-iro Symphony simply because you seem to be one of the few people from this corner of the internet who's interested in blogging it. Or, at least, one of the few such people who doesn't think it's Pure Shite. Ditto for Tamayura, which has generated even less interest (though honestly that one would probably be a bit too monotonous to blog).

    On the other hand, interesting as Persona 4 is, everyone and their mother seems to have something to say about it, and most of the criticism (and praise) is the same.

  6. Indeed. There's something to be said for blogging shows no one else is blogging, even if they don't have a huge following. Hardly anyone touches Nurarihyon, which is one reason I've stuck with it through some peaks and valleys.

  7. b

    No complaints about the Definite blog list.
    For the On the Bubble list, I'd like to see the ones not covered on RC, like C3, HxH and Majikoi.

  8. B

    I only voted for Gundam AGE, certainly there are more Gundam bloggers out there than I can count but you seem to be the only who is a Gundam virgin which for me, a huge Gundam fan, is fascinating to read.

    As for the other series I've already dropped some of them (C3, Persona 4) planning to drop them (Mashiro-iro Symphony) or have no desire to watch (HxH, SnS)

  9. M

    I'm hopping on to the HxH bandwagon, I don't think a lot of people are covering it and it'd be interesting to read thoughts of someone who hasn't seen the original series or the manga.

  10. A

    I think you should keep Gundam or Persona.

  11. M

    I'd love to see you blog C3, HxH and Mashiro-iro. Out of those, the one I'd be saddest to see dropped out of the blogging schedule is Mashiro-iro, which is a show I didn't plan on watching at first and I really wouldn't have if it wasn't because of your posts. Gotta root for the underdog, right?

    I agree on what everyone has already said about HxH even though I'm a first time viewer as well. I'd rather read the impressions of someone who knows just as much as I do about the show.

    Persona 4 is getting plenty of coverage already. C3 not that much so it would be a shame to see it dropped.

    But in the end it all comes down to which show you prefer sharing your thoughts about so just go with the one you enjoy blogging the most.

  12. P

    I'm going to go to a million computers and vote for Tamayura[/half-joke]

  13. Wow – thanks for the early boatload of replies! I'll take all of them under consideration.

  14. U

    I agree with what people here are saying about Persona 4. Too many people are blogging about it already and i think you will not love it, even if it gets better later on.

    Hunter x Hunter 2011, on the other hand, is a must! Even with short episode reviews, it is very interesting to read about what someone new to the franchise thinks about it.

    Other than that, i like reading your impressions about Mashiro-iro Symphony. So even if with you drop blogging it, it would be nice to at least se an overall review once the series is over.

  15. A

    as many have already said:


  16. A

    Ooh. I also ought to say that I'm interested in your thoughts on Gundam AGE just because it seems to lie pretty far from what you usually blog. Even if it's just an occasional post, every few episodes when something interesting happens or something like that.

  17. Keep the comments and votes coming, Gang – it's interesting input.

  18. d

    I would like you to blog everything. but certain shows like Mashiro & AGE are pretty straight forward. So I guess shows like Shana, Persona and maybe C3 should be blogged since I may miss some things.

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