Otoyomegatari – 19

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For some reason, after reading this chapter of Otoyomegatari I have a hankerin’ for some Doublemint gum…

The story returns to the saga of Henry Smith this time, he having parted ways with the lovely young widow and her Mother-in-Law to continue his journey to Ankara with his guide.  There’s more to Smith than meets the eye – in many ways he’s a pretty clichéd Japanese take on the British explorer trope, but despite his academic looks and clumsiness he’s quick and good in a crisis – it was his snap decision to roust the sheep that saved Amira from being taken back by her family.

A fall of his camel leads to a rescue by a pair of twins, Leyla and Leyli.  They look about 14, they’re kawaii as heck and beautiful in the way only Kaoru Mori’s art can be.  They’re also a pair of tomboyish scamps.  In gratitude for his rescue – and that of his glasses – Smith agrees to return to their village as a “Doctor” to look at their sick Grandpa.  Turns out he’s just got a dislocated shoulder, but Smith’s miracle cure raises the whole village to his doorstep the next morning looking for medical help.

As I feared, we’re going to be on this track for a while – the next ep begins Leyla and Leyli’s “Bride’s Story”.  This is one of the frustrations with monthly manga – when the plot leaves your favorite characters behind, it can feel like forever before you see them again.  I like Smith and the girls seem interesting, and the more humorous tone that generally attaches itself to Smith’s arcs is pleasant.  I really do miss Amira and Karluk, though, and I hope this detour isn’t a terribly long one.

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  1. A

    Although I'm still left with quite a heartache after the widow arc. Leyla and Leyli are as you say, kawaii as heck. 😀 Though I want more of Amira and Karluk. XD

  2. I was very sad when their father whacked them on top of the head and they cried. A great Mori moment!

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