Kamisama Dolls – 12

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Now that was a nice, low-key and relaxing episode of KamiDolls to help us rest up for next week’s finale.


In terms of sheer, unadulterated fun this is as good as any series I’ve seen for a long time.  Damn, Brains Base is a good studio – they can seemingly do just about any genre and do it well, and they manage to do adaptations that are both faithful to the source material and have an extra spark and sense of style all their own.  Kamisama Dolls has already proven it can succeed in a wide variety of attack modes, but it’s really hard to beat when it just goes for pure, adrenaline-pounding insanity.  There aren’t a lot of series that could cram as much power into 22 minutes as this episode did and still make it coherent, in-character and not seem at all rushed.  Kishi Seiji, I called you out when before the season started and you haven’t let me down.

The craziness started early and never let up, with all of our resident psychopaths in  residence at the Sendagaya penthouse in full berserker mode.  Shiba, Taser in hand, was ready to rape Hibino, seemingly as much as an act of spitting in the face of the Kuga as anything else.  Aki was tied up on the floor, but his fellow nutjob kooky Kukko showed up to release him.  After Kukko proceeded to rescue Hibino by using a long-iron (with a bit of a slice) on the back of Shiba’s head, she threatened to photograph Hibino tied up and spread eagled and sell the picture at school.  Hirashiro shows up and proves he’s no slouch in the disorder department, as he’s fully prepared to shoot Kukko and pass the blame onto one of his flunkies.  After a struggle it’s she who shoots him, and she drags a woozy Shiba along as they flee the police.  And that’s when things started to get crazy.

Of course, we haven’t yet talked about our top-shelf batshit girl, Mahiru.  I guess all the nonsense about her being harmless can be officially set aside now that she’s tried to throw Hibino off the roof of a skyscraper, but Kukkuri – bearing Utao, Kyouhei and Moyako (who seems oddly vestigial for much of the action in Tokyo) arrives just in the nick of time.  What follows is a straight-out, balls-to-the-wall battle sequence that would do any of the great mecha series of the 90’s proud.  Koushirou and Kirio arrive in time for all hands (except one) to be on deck for the fracas.  At first the others are more or less resigned to let Mahiru and Utao use their kakashi to vent out their Kyouhei-love on each other and get it out of their systems (as a horrified yet fascinated Tokyo populace looks on) but things get out of hand quickly enough. 

When the dust settles Magatsuhi has gone rogue, Kukkuri having severed it’s control circuits, and is acting out Mahiru’s built-up hatred by trying to kill Hibino as Kyouhei goes into a rage and tries to wrestle her free bare-handed.   Kirio and Utao go into a GAR twin-attack to save Onii-san, but Kirio inadvertently disables Kukkuri’s control circuits with an attack from Takemikazuchi, and Kyouhei has taken what looks like a fatal blow to the head from Magatsuhi.  Most interestingly, though, a new song is heard as the wounded Kukkuri takes to the air – one we haven’t heard outside of flashbacks and for a brief moment at the close of the Utao-Kirio fight.  Yes, there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Kyouhei the Seki.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

What a wild ride that was.  I always felt Kyouhei would end up back in charge of Kukkuri as the season (he said hopefully) concluded, and it’s looked for a couple of episodes as if Hibino being in danger might just be the thing to push him over the edge.  As he writhed in Magatsuhi’s grip we saw a flashback from Kyouhei’s perspective, where he repeats something his mother told him and I’ve already said was a key motif here – he can leave the village, but he can never escape it.  And then there’s the fascinating absence of Aki throughout all of the insanity on the rooftops of Tokyo.  He’s the ultimate wildcard – more dangerous than Mahiru because he’s both more in control and less predictable, you can bet he’s got an absolutely crucial role to play as things wrap up next week.

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  1. N

    Hell yeah, this sure was a great episode. And I loved how Magatsuhi pwned everyone XD (makes one wonder just how strong these Dolls actually are…)

    I also love Kuuko's way of finding BF's. First one she kidnapped, this time she framed one for murder (she herself seems to have committed). Good thing she ain't a seki or things would get even nastier XD

    Now… lets hope we will get Season 2 eventually. This Anime simply deserves it IMO and scanlations seem to be quiet slow (they are still in the Village arc).

  2. H

    I love Kuuko even more now, a badass normal who is possibly more awesome than the sekis and crazier than everyone except Mahiru, in this show that's an accomplishment!

  3. A

    ''now that she’s tried to throw Hibino off the roof of a skyscraper''

    Not making an excuse, but going by her subsequent reaction, Mahiru acted on impulse and was worried about Hibino bing hurt. She even shown signs of relief when Kyouhei saved her. Not as crazy as she first appeared.

    Now Kuuko on the other hand, boy is that girl off the deep end or what? Sure she was awesome throughout the episode by going all femme fatale on everyone, but lets not forget that in less than a minute she manged to recover from killing a man and pin the murder on someone else ^_^

    Crazy fun episode. Oh and getting revenge for cookies > trying to win a man over.

  4. Acting on impulse = harmless? I'm sure that would be a relief to Hibino when she turned into street pizza. 😉

    Yes, Kukko is badass and crazy – but that's been my view all along. This show is full of badass crazy people.

  5. Z

    Great episode and it's set up to be an even greater last episode! I can hardly wait to see the comments after that one! I must say that I am rather impressed with their timing as they found the best spot to end a first season on by far.

  6. F

    Dude, Mahiru was upset every single time Hibino was in danger. She's messed up, has poor impulse control, and really shouldn't be left around sharp objects, much less something with the power of a tank, but she's not a goddamn murderer.

    Honestly, it feels like Magatsuhi tossing Hibino was the first manifestation of what happened later in the episode.

    I know you don't like Mahiru, but try not to make stuff up about her.

  7. G

    I always found it somehow jarring how often I see attempted rape in anime or manga seemingly brushed off so long as it's averted and the attempted rapist was hit a couple times. Like a few blows to the head is going to solve that problem.

  8. G


    …AND Kuuko even teased her about it afterward! "lol u almost got raped." What the hell!

  9. Fencedude, stop kidding yourself. Magatsuhi tossed Hibino while it was still under Mahiru's control. The term under debate was "harmless". Argument over.

    It's not a question of like or dislike – I like Mahiru a lot as long as you recognize as what she is, a hilariously entertaining antagonist. Saying what Magatsuhi does doesn't reflect her real character is like saying what Mel Gibson says when he's drunk doesn't reflect what he really believes. Here's the truth – all the alcohol does is remove the inhibitions and you say what you really think. Hibino is like someone driving around drunk – she might regret something after the fact, but that wouldn't bring back the person who was hit by her speeding car.

  10. d

    @Enzo: Hibino driving drunk? you meant Mahiru right?
    So how does kyouhei control Kukuri when he is sleeping? Full spiritual transfer?

  11. Don't know the answer to that second question, dv. Yes, I did mean Mahiru there!

  12. d

    After some thought it seems to me that Dolls is trying to get rid of the usual stereotype of anime girls. Which is why they made the "nice" and "big breasted" Hibino seem so weird. Batshit crazy is the new Tsundere.

  13. Z

    I would think that Kukiri is pretty much the same as Magatsuhi in that it will just follow the strong willed order given and fight by itself.

    I wouldn't say that Hibino is weird, the most negative thing I can say is that she is dull compared with the batshit crazy girls. I would on the other hand pick the nice and sweet girlfriend and laugh at the batshit crazy ones at a safe distance.

  14. I would on the other hand pick the nice and sweet girlfriend and laugh at the batshit crazy ones at a safe distance.

    You and me both, Brother!

  15. d

    Batshit crazy girls. They really make life a party, as long as they are no in your life. Your life becomes hell once they do. It is like those violent Tsundere characters… just way worst.
    Prefer girlfriend: nice and active

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