Will They Change the Ending?

Otherwise, I hardly see the need to remake the Kyoto Arc.  And in two episodes at that, and in OVA form.

It’s hard not to be bitterly disappointed by this news.  None of the things I’d hoped for – Jinchu Arc, full TV series, new studio – came to pass.  We’re getting the same cast apart from Ken Narita taking over as Saito, but apart from that good news is hard to find here.  Not a good morning for RuroKen fans.



  1. M

    Oh wow. So they're only covering a part of the Kyoto Arc? I have so say I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping for the Jinchu Arc or a remake like HxH's.

  2. I really don't get it – how can they not think a proper Jinchu would be a financial success? Puzzling and disappointing, to say the least.

  3. l

    They probably can't show too goru a show. And I saw way too much movie that show the exact same thing with the anime series. Code geass, nanaho, many more that I don't bother to remember or check.

  4. S

    This is a bitter disappointment for RK fans. We've wanted the Jinchuu Arc to be properly animated for years and Studio Deen either doesn't get it, or doesn't care.

    The OVAs did not do the job. Only parts of the arc were animated and the most important part was left out entirely.

    Truly a sad day for the RK fandom.

  5. I wonder if it was all DEEN. SJ and Watsuki-sama probably had some say in this, too.

  6. t

    While I'm not familiar with the source material,even I think there's something odd:Okada Mari is writing this
    She's not exactly the first person that comes to mind when I think "shonen jump".
    She's also not the first person that comes to mind when I think "author that sticks to the source material",she does sometimes but you and I know how much she sometimes departs from the source.
    I mean just look at her past few works:
    The upcoming Aquarion evol: anime original
    Hanasaku Iroha:Anime Original
    Ano Hana:Anime original
    Fractale:Anime Original
    Gosick:Mixes up manga original stories + light novel together + anime original ending
    Spirit girl Zakuro: deviates from source half way through and has original ending
    Blak butler: Original ending + original second season

    The only recent thing that comes close is Wandering Son and even that cut out half the source material.

    So whatever this is I doubt it'll be something really close to the manga or any animated version that was done in the past and see huge debates over stuff that was changed.

  7. l


    If this is true, then we might have something to watch here after all. Then again all the anime you mention doesn't get much high rating from me apart from maybe Gosick.

    I'm not here to look down on people choice, just my personal feeling.

  8. t


    Oh you're definatly entitled to that,my message wasn't trying to say "get ready for something good" but rather "get ready for something different".

    Speaking of Okada,a bit off topic but since Enzo hasn't blogged Hana Ino yet i'll say it here.I had said last week that I didn't expect Okada to write episode 21 herself but after watching it I'm guessing that was indeed her though I've no way of knowing if I'm correct yet.

  9. This whole RK thing has catastrophe written all over it…

  10. l


    Oh! I knew what you meant, what I meant is since we (or me alone) is bored of watching the so called movie only to see a recap of the entire season(boring). Anything DIFFERENT will be a plus because regardless whether it's good or bad at least we can hope to expect something rather than just refreshing our memories of what happen to our favourite anime.

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