1. l

    She going to die. You can see the mood. *Sniff* I missed you Kurisu….Tutturu

  2. M

    Unless that was just a troll preview (from the show producers, of course). I haven't actually ever seen previews, where do you watch the series / where did he watch the series?

  3. d

    Think she will die, but unlike Mayushii she is savable. Can't be 1 ep go back and 2 eps trying to save her but fail right? if they spend 2 eps failing to save her like the mayushii death arc then this anime is going to the gutters. I'm sure both the anime and VN company is not out to make the ending so depressing.
    thanks enzo

  4. Never trust a preview, kids…

  5. L

    Unless it's Dragon Ball Z, of course.

  6. l

    A preview has as much credibility as promise of a politician.

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