Hansaku Iroha – 21

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At long last, Hanasaku Iroha seems to have returned to the general vicinity of its actual plot.  The 21st episode spent most of it’s time dancing around the fringes of it, warily shadow-boxing, occasionally making contact.  But that’s closer than we’ve been for a long time, anyway.

Because that’s what I’ve been begging to see for almost two months, I feel bad for not loving the episode to death.  But it was just OK, really – suffering for the fact that it spent most of it’s time on the characters and events that are probably the least interesting elements of the core story, and from some of the same stiff writing that’s plagued HanaIro for most of those two months.  The latter is somewhat disappointing given that Mari Okada wrote the episode, and her scripts have tended to be the best the series has to offer.

Maybe the positive spin on this is that we’re getting the most disposable “core” elements  – Tohru’s crush on Ohana and Enishi and Takako’s relationship – out of the way so that the better and more important can be dealt with unhindered.  But no matter how much lipstick you put on the pig that is Enishi and Takako, you still can’t make it an interesting relationship, or either of them likeable.  Takako – with her annoying and utterly random Engrish and makeup like a bad Mary Kay ad – is a genuine chore, and Enishi is more pitiful than anything.  But hey, they’re probably the only ones that would marry each other, so maybe it’s a match made in heaven.

The most interesting element of their relationship is the effect it has on Madame Manager, and how she responds to it.  She’s her usual diffident self as first, but agrees to the marriage as long as they have a proper ceremony – something neither “Enishing” or Takako can afford.  They decide to hold the ceremony at Kissuiso, which gives yet another opportunity for Ohana and her schoolgirl pals to get together on a project and show how plucky they are.  But it’s through Sui that the episode reaches it’s height, in the last few minutes – as this series so often does, almost salvaging a mediocre ep with a good finish.  There’s a lovely flashback to Sui’s courtship & marriage, where we learn that her late husband named the inn “Kissuiso” because it means “To Please Sui”.  She gives Takako her wedding ring, but then with the other hand drops the cliffhanger bombshell – she’s not planning to give the inn to Enishi, married to Takako or not.

This engagement also drives the other slightly less annoying and slightly more vital plot strand, Tohru’s poorly hidden crush on Ohana.  Mr. Ren lets Tohru take charge of food for the reception, which sets Tohru and Minchi off on a shared adventure she hopes will allow her to confess at last.  But first he freaks her out by telling her he wants at least five kids, and then he makes it clear by his excessive mooning that he’s stuck on Ohana.  Minchi at least realizes that this is something that needs to be confronted, but her violent anger at Ohana is rather juvenile and silly (though it does net us a spicy cat fight in the baths).  It appears that this element – the “one-sided crush” may be the topic as well as the title for next week’s ep.

This really wasn’t half-bad – it was indeed refreshing to be dealing with something weightier than omurice.  But frankly it should have been better than it was, with Okada scripting – I wonder if this show has been adrift for so long that it will never truly find it’s way back to shore.  For now, we’ll ponder what happens between Ohana and Tohru, and on Sui’s intentions regarding her revelation to Takako.  Does she plan to give the inn to Satsuki?  To Kanae and Ren?  To close it down?

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  1. L

    It's here, it's here! The sweet, sweet drama we've been waiting for is here! But I can't help but be disappointed at two months' worth of episodes devoted to something nobody liked. The artwork was fantastic throughout the past 21 episodes, though.

  2. l

    Finally your post is here. But why are there subtitle? Is that your new method of capping or that you don't have enough time to get raw.

    Anyway getting into the show, episode 21/23 is this!!?? Come on, now we have to bear the 2nd last episode regarding to Tohru love Ohana misunderstanding. No offense but right now I just can't imagine that Tohru and Ohana will ever go out, no flag ever trigger between them. In fact their relationship most likely end up Minchi finally confessed and Tohru most likely only be considering it.(with Ohana just on the sideline)

    And then there the matter of how two character that I don't care about getting marry and how Madam have no intention to give the inn to Enishi. Well I admit this is quite good drama, seeing how there is lack of other option. Satsuki, but she don't care. Ohana, she too young and even if she can handle it; I think it will seriously tie her up in Kissuiso that she will no longer have any sort of love life?

    I suppose we won't be seeing Ko making any sort of scene after all.

    At episode 21, the only good point that I could think of is that this will finally over and be done with. With none of any potential love pentagon (Minchi X Tohru X Ohana X Ko X Glasses) ever realized. Geez, this show have so much potential and yet they choose this way to tell the story.

  3. The subtitled caps are because I'm out of town and using borrowed equipment and software (and have very little time to blog for a few days), still tweaking…

    I think – I'd even say I'm 100% sure – we'll see Kou again. Whether there will be any meaningful development or he'll be part of the "true end", I'm not nearly so sure.

  4. d

    Kissuiso closes as seen the OP song where Ohana flashbacks the past while traveling to Tokyo or maybe back to the countryside after been away for a long time.
    Enzo awaiting your tiger and bunnt review

  5. t


    The show will be 26 episodes,not 23!

    I did guess right about Okada writing this,though my reasons for this weren't really because I liked this more than previous episodes but rather:
    -Okada style monologues popped back up again
    -Other writers can write lame word puns but Okada generaly writes the lamest ones herself: the "anything" pun is definatly in that category
    -that cliffhanger + flashback:I expected this episode to be all about the love triangle but there were some family issues brought up,and the family issues are the main plot to me therefore likelier that Okada would want to handle it.

    I also sense that Okada is going to toll all shippers in a major way,I'm getting more and more sure that nobody will en up with anybody.
    And secondly,though I'm definatly less sure of this,I could see this happening:Tohru will in fact not have a crush on Ohana.
    The more I think about it,the more I think that all the "hints" that make it seem like he does love her are a trap,they're all traditional "flags" but if I step back and think about this kind of stuff in real life,I've complemented lots of girls and said lots of nice things about them,that doesn't mean I want to go out with them.I've definatly found quite a few girls really attractive when they're wearing a hot dress,that doesn't mean I want to go out with them.
    Of course I recognise that this being anime and not real life the tohru has a crush on Ohana is much more likely but the more this goes on,the more I feel Okada set out to troll shippers.
    And while she's doing that she's also going to write a nice story about a once divided family coming back together,and that's what I'm interested in.
    I hope Okada is on board for the rest of the show
    sidenote:Bombori festival about a month away!

    Man,this post is either going to look really good or completely off the mark in about a month from now lol

  6. l


    Are you sure? Because he said so.

    "Tohru will in fact not have a crush on Ohana"
    Even if Tohru do have a crush on Ohana, we KNOW Ohana had no feeling whatsoever to Tohru. And frankly I don't think Tohru is the kind of guy that will go through fire and hell to get his girl. Thus Tohru X Ohana is out of here.

    "once divided family coming back together"
    Frankly I will rather see a love conflict than to see someone we rarely seen or a side character(Satsuki) finally decided to be a good mother to Ohana. Quoting from Satsuki: It too late now to change our relationship.

    " about a month from now "
    A month from now I'm pretty sure both you and I be talking about Shakugan no Shana or my personal fav: Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukuna.

  7. t

    ANN,MAL and AniDB all say 26 and I trust them more than wikipedia

    And I won't be watching either of those shows next months 😉


    You know,now that I think of it,at the end of the OP it's always seemed to me that the girls is school uniform fade in and out like ghost and aren't actualy in the train,I thought I was overthinking things…

  8. l


    You won't be watching them? Why?

  9. W

    I'm expecting a second season of this series. This season will probably end with Kissuisso shutting down and everyone going their different ways. I'm expecting Satsuki to make a reappearance and the Okami possibly dying (maybe at or after the wedding ceremony.) The only way I can see Kou's reintroduction making sense is if Ohana looks him up after returning to Tokyo with Satzuki after Okami's funeral(maybe in last episode.)I truly feel like the Okami has to die to drive this story home. Glad the show came back to form.

  10. WX, I really don't think I want a second season. A second cour was probably too much. If this had been a lean, focused one-cour series it would have been one of the best of the year.

  11. l


    If this episode is like 12 and not 21, I would have drop it already. Knowing how they will never include the love pentagon that I like. And if Ohana return to Tokyo after soooo long, I think Ko will have already gone out with the glasses girl. At that time, I don't think even Okada will make Ohana take his man forcefully from that girl.

    In short, if there are 2nd season. I won't watch it too.

  12. W


    I am sure you're right. It seems like the writers didn't know how to keep Ohana's story from progressing further so they decided to focus the storytelling on the show's supporting characters. At first, I thought this show was about Ohana's coming of age/maturing, then it all kind of fell apart in this half.
    I think your desire for a love pentagon wouldn't be suitable for this series. The love pentagon would probably end up with Ohana getting stabbed (School Day style) by Minchi and the girl with the glasses, at the same time. Minchi and Glasses girl from Tokyo Bookstore seem unpredictable.

  13. l


    WOW, a girl protagonist School Day? NOW that one anime I will definitely vote for.

  14. d

    Somehow the beginning of the episode with Okami and Bean man having a serious talk should be the setting for this arc. Believe that the wedding is just to set things in motion for what is coming next. like bye bye Kissuiso.

  15. A

    I actually think Okami is going to sell the inn and the logbook in the beginning of the episode is her plan of getting everyone jobs at Fukuya when she closes. Ohana will probably not like this and return to Tokyo like it suggests in the OP. They will probably close after the Festival. Maybe the epilogue can be an adult Ohana returning to rebuild the inn and get everyone back together.

  16. This notion of the inn closing seems to be gaining a lot of traction, but I'm not convinced. Still doesn't feel right to me.

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