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    This episode is what happens when you get a true gainax veteran to storyboard and animate part of the episode.

    Not to knock on the others,they've all got a solid track record but I think you agree that there's a difference lol.

  2. The first thing I did after watching the ep was check out who the A.D. was, wondering if it was one of the old-timers, especially if they'd worked on TTGL. But while they're industry vets, I didn't see a lot of GAINAX in the background of Itagaki Shin or Oda Mayumi.

    Interestingly, the great Imaishi Hiroyuki will be storyboarding episode 6, so I'm really looking foreword to that one.

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    So wait,the episode count is weird in this show anf I can never tell if gainax counted the 2 parter as one episode or as 2 episodes (à la panty and stocking) because I could swear an eyecatch at one point in the episode seemed to imply it was episode 6 we were watching.

  4. I'm assuming that's a sort of "chapter count" until I see differently. The ED has run 5 times, so I'm saying this was episode 5! The subbers seem to agree as well…

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