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    This show might not bring anything new to the table but I find myself thoroughly enjoying every episode.

    Although I would love to see more character development and background on Huey and Dalian. It might only be because they are smart and don't overreact to every little thing but I find them a pleasure to watch.

    Makes me wonder if this series would have been more interesting with an overarching plot instead of its episodic nature.

    On an different note, I thought the action scene in this episode (Huey vs Noth) was beautifully executed.

  2. I don't disagree, Murkel, but I do think the Flamberge ep was a mistake. And I do think it needs to dig a little deeper, either in terms of background on H & D or a larger plot. I enjoy them very much and I appreciate a show full of smart people, but I want a little more connection than I'm getting.

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    Agreed, although I won't qualify that episode as a mistake just yet. It was still enjoyable and I personally didn't mind Hal's and Flamberge's introduction out of the blue. They make quite a quirky pair and their background promises to be interesting. And let's not forget they provide us the chance of getting a deeper, bigger and more compelling story.

    However, if they end up having little or no impact in the overall story, I will be disappointed. There is also the fact that we probably won't get much or any background on Huey and Dalian, so the new pair's chances at that are even more scarce.

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