Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! – 07

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I realize this is a horribly belated post, but I was out of town and blogging sporadically this weekend, and I only just got around to watching this episode today.  I guess this as much as anything is a little note to say I haven’t totally forgotten about Baka Test.

The blackmail/peeping arc hasn’t done much for me, I admit, but I was pleased to see they ended it with what might’ve been the best episode of the season (though the talking shoukanjuu was the funniest single sketch).  For starters, there was relatively little sadism, which made a nice change.  But there was also some real development and some effective comedy.  It was pretty cool to see Aki actually defeat Ironman in combat – even if the ultimate reward in the bath wasn’t so hot.  You got an actual apology from Himeji, a lovely shot of Hideyoshi with his yukata off the shoulder (nosebleeds) and even a special ED from Milktub, whose “Baka Go Home” may have been the best ED of 2010 and certainly blew the doors off this season’s OP and ED for Baka Test.

In short, it was a good episode.  Not great, but good is, well – good.  It had some of the same sense of camaraderie of S1.  The text messaging scene was very funny and very clever.  The blackmail thing was resolved (damn you, Miharu – but I’m glad Aiko didn’t do it).  And in the end, some actual movement on the main triangle – which this season has frankly been a revolting competition to see which girl can unjustly torture Aki more.  I don’t know if the Minami kiss will end up being turned into a troll, but at least it’s movement.  I don’t know if I’m back on board, but at least I’m at the station in case the train doesn’t break down.  I want to love B-T again, believe me, so I’m grasping onto any hope I can…

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    To be honest, I was already starting to giving up on B-T. But honestly when is the last time you see a harem anime actually kissing(not CPR,not comedic) occur. Some more kissing in front of the third person in the love triangle. If this doesn't catch my attention, what will.

    Right now I'm only hoping that this confession will stay and not play it off as some sort of cruel joke.

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