Amagami SS OVA–Ai, Rihoko, Tsukasa

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The extras just keep on coming with Amagami SS.  This time the short-form omakes focus on the last three girls of the series, none of whom interest me nearly as much as Haruka.  Still – they’re probably the 2nd-4th best of the group, so these are pretty watchable.

It occurs to me that in addition to running through the obvious tropes for the harem girls – tsundere “A”, tsundere “B”, yandere, osananajimi, etc. – this is a romance that’s really about fetishes.  It’s kinky in its goofball way, whether it be ramen, licking, cosplay…  And these extras seem to especially revel in that aspect of the series.

For Ai, who I rather liked for her cool persona that was refreshingly light on the tsun side, it’s “skinship”.  With Rihoko, it’s clipping toenails with it’s requisite peeking under the skirt.  With Tsukasa, it’s a kind of S & M with melon-pan.  We even get a little glimpse of crazed stalker girl in each short (with requisite ominous swell of music in one), though Risa doesn’t actually get involved in the what little plot there is.  Throughout, there’s that sense that the cute schoolboy love-play isn’t so innocent as everyone acts like it is.  This isn’t a great series, but it does get that part just right – the dangerous dance between childhood and adulthood that permeates the relationships between the sexes in high school.



  1. l

    I almost missed the stalker during nanasaki arc, I believe that this should not be the last time we saw her. I actually loved this episode more than the last, while you are Haruka fan I'm more of a Nanasaki Ai fan. How I wish for a younger girlfriend that will spoil me. Usually it the other way around. With Rihoko, I suppose this is actually better advancement compared to the actual arc(where she doesn't do anything)

  2. j

    was Risa the fearsome stalker even in the Nanasaki part? I have got to say that in terms of this OVA, the first 1 featuring the first 3 girls were better… and Risa deserves her own OVA (just because she is such an awesome stalker)… this OVA made me want to rewatch the whole series.

  3. She was hard to spot in the Nansaki arc – hiding in the trees. I missed her myself until someone pointed her out…

  4. l

    Damn! I wanted to point that out. Oh well, Nanasaki the best.

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