Poll: Jump Break or Full Posts?

Do you prefer “jump break” posts (click “Read more” to view full post) or the entire post visible on the front page (the current format)?

A tie??? You guys didn’t help me, here, LOL… Maybe I’ll use the jump break selectively for longer posts only. Please comment below if you have a specific suggestion on this.

Thanks for participating!



  1. D

    Advantage of Page Breaks:
    -Readers can access the content they want to see faster.

    Example: I dont watch Tiger and Bunny. Whenever that gets posted, i just scroll pass it and stop at Steins;Gate. The advantages of page breaks would be I could scroll pass it faster, and access my content easier.

    This helps a lot when there are MANY shows you blog about, and others who read your site do not read every single post.

    Advantages of Full Posts:
    Dont have to click to go to sub-page. (Sorry, im biased towards having page breaks so I cant think of any other pros of Full Posts.)

  2. l

    LOL TIE, Someone fixed the poll.

    Anyway i will preferred page break more. Since i'm going to comment on all those anime that i'm watching anyway, i need to click into the post/comment anyway. If so, might as well page break so i can browse through more anime you blog.

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