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Please use this for more specific feedback and comments about the new layout.  As you can see, just about everything is new including font, text color, layout, background image, etc.  Blogger has a limit of 300k for the BGI, which makes it quite difficult to find a decent quality image that will be full-page.  I’ve chosen to tile vertically rather than leave the background blank where the image ends.

Edit: Managed to jury-rig a static BGI…
Edit II: Manged to install a “Reply” option to comments. As this is not native to Blogger, you have to comment in a popup and we don’t have threaded comments. Better than nothing!



  1. E

    haha, someone is a die hard fan of Natsume Yuujin-chou. The background reminds me of how much I like the ending songs of this series.

    You have to scroll down to see all the image, which I find a drawback. It would be better if possible to have a smaller image that scrolls down with you.

    Other than that, I think it fits you now. I personally would have trouble limiting to one image when so many anime carry meaning for me.

  2. Thanks, Eric.

    FYI, another area I'm looking at is going with a custom domain. Any suggestions, anyone?, maybe?

  3. A

    1. The banner. You should either choose a new banner that will cover the width of the center column or reduce the width of the column to fit the size of the banner. As of now it looks rather ugly imo.

    2. About the BGI: If it were me I would rather use a sticky BGI like this, or no BGI at all like this. I see more blogs use the latter treatment, and personally I prefer it too. It's simple but it makes the blog look nice and clean.

    Coincidentally, the second blog I linked to has a handful amount of articles on blog designing and the like which I think can be good references.

    Just my humble opinions, hope you'd be able do something nice to your blog.

  4. P

    Like the previous commenter, I also think a sticky BGI would look better, or more of a header-type BGI that stays at the top and fades out near the bottom, like this.
    Also, maybe it's just a problem with blogspot, but is there a way to use gravatar?

  5. Proof, here's a link about how to get your Gravatar to work in Blogger. Yes, it is a compatibility issue that it doesn't do so automatically.

    I can make any BGI fade out at the bottom simply by not tiling it vertically. I'll take a look at possibly using a sticky BGI, I hadn't considered that. Also been considering a header change. Thanks for the suggestions, Guys.

  6. m

    I quite like the new layout. I agree with both the previous users that a sticky background would work best, instead of tiled the way you have it now. I'm also pretty picky about color schemes, and wish the banner and background jived together a bit better color-wise.

  7. e

    I like the BG (of course! Natsume for the win. And a very soothing scene at that).
    The Arietty banner could have a bit more of a faded/pastel-y look to better mesh with the BG palette though. Personally I'm not too fond of the banner subtitle running across the boy's face and hiding his eyes. Can you move the small text lower or just elsewhere than its present placement? :>

  8. A

    I enjoyed your TV show posts on Game of Thrones. I was wondering if you will be reviewing Torchwood: Miracle Day as well?

  9. At this point, undecided. I did blog Doctor Who and I plan to blog the second half of Season 32, but I'm not a huge Torchwood fan so I don't know if I could do it justice as a blogger. Thanks for asking – I'm considering. And of course, I'll definitely blog S2 of GoT.

  10. A

    The BG image is too small in width… If the viewer has a large screen, then he shall see white boarders on the left and right side. Also, you could have cut the image's height to gain some more picture quality… as I am only able to see up to the kitten. As for the banner on the front page, I am not a fan of it at all… Honestly not the most eye-pleasing thing to look at. Could do without so many sodding colors and the mix between that real leaf and anime characters.

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