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    You're not alone,that was by far my favorite episode.
    As the season progresses I think gainax is starting to show why it's gainax and with kami no memo cho JC staff is showing why it's JC staff.
    My favorite unnamed reference is that Camilla is definatly wearing one of Coco Channel's creation at the begining of the episode.
    Any early 20th century woman who wears channel gets an automatic "A" grade from me so I love her already.

    As for it looking like gainax or not,ok maybe it's not much but the contrasted shading style with so much black lines is something that I only see in gainax productions (though true,madhouse has started doing it lately too in some shows) and is definatly not something I associate bones with visualy.

  2. Good point about Kami-memo (though I haven't watched the 4th ep yet). I confess I didn't pick up on Coco Chanel being the designer – I thought it was more of a flapper look, but I defer to your greater knowledge!

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    Thanks but you weren't wrong either!

    I had honestly never heard of the flapper look before so the first thing that came to my mind was Channel.

    After looking up some info on the flapper loook….well wiki will say it better than me:
    "flappers were known for their style, which largely emerged as a result of French fashions,especially those pioneered by Coco Chanel"

    So we both thought of the same thing I think.

    And I can't believe I've now made two posts about the way a character dresses.Then again maybe that's because for once it isn't a high school uniform.

  4. Dantalian is a good "for once it isn't" kind of series.

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