Calling All Little Busters

If you’re in NorCal – or would like to be – The Pillows are playing a show at Slim’s on 9/7/11.  I’ll be there – this will be my first time seeing Pirozu, and I’m pretty stoked.

If you don’t know The Pillows, well you should, first of all – they’re one of the greatest bands in rock and certainly one of the best to come out of Japan.  They’re best known in America for the FLCL soundtrack, and also provided the ED for the currently airing Sket Dance



  1. C

    How I wish The Pillows would play here in the Philippines! Unfortunately, they have a really small (like, really, really) fanbase here 🙁

  2. Hey Coeli, thanks for posting. Who knows – post on their facebook or twitter and they might…

  3. C

    Haha it's worth a try, I guess ^_^

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