Tiger & Bunny – 10

An interesting episode of T & B this week, though ultimately disappointing in that it once again teased some father/daughter time with Kotetsu and Kaede, and didn’t deliver. I don’t blame the girl for being pissed off.

In general I liked the first part of this ep the best – the preamble that featured the heroes involved in their various day-off activities, to some wonderfully fitting jazz and bluegrass BGM. Even a phone conversation between Tiger and his daughter is more than we’ve been given lately, so that was a rare treat.

Somewhere, a fujoshi is squealing

After that, things got pretty conventional. Just as Kotetsu was about to take some time off to visit his daughter, a terrorist bomb explodes as he’s driving across the Brooklyn Brox Bridge. Thinking this looks routine he tells Barnabay to finish the errand he’s on – heading to prison to confront Jake Martinez, the man he’s finally figured out killed his parents. Problem is, the bridge attack is only one of a series of coordinated attacks – a transparent attempt to divide & conquer by splitting the hero forces. These attacks are being launched using the newest hot toy, the “Mad Bear”, which apparently is some sort of robot under the control of…

That’s right, Ouroboros. Jake is a member, and they’ve decided it’s time for them to get serious. Having seized control of all access and exit points they threaten to sink the city unless Jake is freed (naturally). The most interesting aspect of this was the pissed-off look on Lunatic’s face as he watched their demands. We’ve now been set up with two master villains at crossed purposes – and it looks as if Lunatic may have been a red herring as final boss. Of course this throws a wrench into Barnaby’s plans to interview Jake at his leisure – but hey, we have to have a second cour, right?

In case anyone was wondering about the hero standings, Sky High reigns supreme for now – with Bunny second. Tiger languishes near the bottom of the standings with Origami Cyclone – but he must have picked up a few points this week, as many Mad Bears as he took down. Saved the lady in the car, too.


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